Farrah Abraham Wears Insane Bodysuit To Prove She Is Flexible In New Pictures As She Defends Daughter Sophia Against Criticism

Farrah Abraham Daughter Sophia Yoga Photos

Farrah Abraham has been photographed enjoying an outdoor yoga session wearing a hot pink bodysuit while surrounded by stunning scenery.

The 29-year-old reality TV star was seen in various yoga poses as she laid her mat down outside next to a body of water.

Wearing a bright pink bodysuit, Farrah put her figure on display and showed fans how she does the “cobra” and “tree” poses as she exercised outdoors in Palm Beach.

She was all kitted out for her session with a pair of white wristbands and a matching band on her head which held back her long wavy locks from her face.

Farrah appeared relaxed as she closed her eyes and held several poses on her teal yoga mat, which was positioned in front of a backdrop of open blue water.

The Teen Mom star was seen earlier with her 12-year-old daughter, Sophia — who was famous from birth after appearing as a baby on 16 and Pregnant, and later Teen Mom.

Farrah was wearing a tiny two-piece swimsuit in green, with cross-over detail which accentuated her figure.

Her daughter, Sophia, wore white shorts and a black top, and they smiled and laughed together as they walked on the sand and paddled in the water.

Farrah Abrahams knows how it feels to defend her daughter against online trolls and shaming, particularly as she is growing up in the spotlight and is often seen on her mother’s Instagram page of more than 2 million followers.

Farrah has defended her daughter against nasty online trolls after they commented on her decision to wear fake nails and makeup.

Farrah said that she wants Sophia to be creative and unashamed in her journey to discover beauty.

She believes it will help her daughter learn, including about “nail wellness,” and that more parents should teach their children to be “prepared for the future.”

She told In Touch Weekly this about the controversy: “Allowing Sophia to be creative in her art and discovery of beauty is nothing to be ashamed of. … I’m happy Sophia will be prepared and educated about nail wellness. More parents should guide and educate their children to be prepared for the future.”

The TV personality knows how to handle her critics and fans are happy that she seems present for her daughter. Her social media presence is interesting as she was able to keep her followers interested in what she is offering.


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