Tim McGraw And Faith Hill’s Daughter, Gracie McGraw, Embraces Her Naked Body In Fearless Photos As She Makes This Surprising Revelation About Her Life

Gracie McGraw Tim Faith Hill Daughter Photo

Gracie McGraw, Tim McGraw‘s daughter has earned more high praises from followers after posting a series of photos naked in a bubble bath, telling fans that she initially planned to post only her face before thinking “F THAT” and posting her full body.

The eldest daughter of country singers Faith Hill and Tim McGraw is well known on social media for her body positivity posts.

The 23-year-old actor and singer posted five new photos to Instagram — three showing her face and shoulders with the rest of her body submerged under the water, and another two revealed much more flesh while strategically covering her modesty with the bubbles.

The post included a lengthy paragraph with some words of wisdom for her 34,000 Instagram followers.

Gracie McGraw spoke candidly about the “sad thoughts” she has about herself during her menstrual cycle.

She told fans that she decided to have a bath and used the bubbles to cover her body — but then “decided F THAT” and instead chose to take some additional pictures showing “rolls are sexy” and that “women are art.”

Gracie was also wearing vibrant and colorful makeup, which she said had been applied by painting “lines and wiggles” using a palette from her “friend Juliana.”

She said the makeup made her feel as if she belonged “in a museum.” Her comments, which included a call to women to “never see ourselves as anything different than art,” were praised by many people who commented to tell her she was an “absolutely beautiful person” who was inspiring others with her confidence.

One follower said Tim McGraw’s adult daughter was inspiring others to love themselves as they are, while another praised her healthy attitude towards her body.

Gracie McGraw moved to Los Angeles last year to advance her career in acting. She recently shared some rather personal news about her life.

She revealed that she worked in the restaurant industry and was laid off because of the pandemic but recently landed another post.

A fan asked: “Curious if you work or go to school?”

She confessed: “I work in the restaurant industry, and I am an actor. Like many others, I was laid off because of the pandemic and have just recently been able to work again.”

Gracie McGraw is one of three daughters of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, raised in Nashville, Tennessee.

She has forged her own following on social media.


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