Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Shows It All In Raunchy Pictures With Her Stunning Girlfriend

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Girlfriend Sahara Ray New Photos

As Lottie Moss continues to hit back at criticism over adult-only content, she has been sharing a variety of lingerie photos recently for her ever-growing fan base.

She posted one hot photo where she is kissing housemate and best friend Sahara Ray while bashing those who claimed that her career was over.

The 23-year-old model, who is Kate Moss‘s younger sister, has been living in Los Angeles with her 28-year-old best mate, Sahara Ray, who is often seen in pictures and videos on her social media.

This week, Lottie Moss shared a sexy photo to her Instagram Stories, wearing lacy black lingerie, and holding a cigarette between her lips for the picture, which she captioned: “come smoke with me.”

Later that day, she shared a string of photos to her Instagram feed, captioned “a few things that I like.”

Hidden among the collection of ten snaps was a side shot of her and her best friend, Sahara Ray, tongue kissing each other.

The half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss, 47, has recently been sharing photos of her lavish home and surroundings to prove to her 336,000 followers she is not at “rock bottom” after all, as many reports seem to claim.

The reports come after Lottie posted on social media last month to say that her recent activity on the adult-only website Glow had caused some members of her family to take a dim view.

Glow allows influencers to share nude and semi-nude photos of themselves. Some are accessible via a monthly subscription of $20, and others only available to unlock with additional premium prices of $70 upwards.

Lottie Moss’s model agency, Storm, is reportedly trying to stop her from “sabotaging” her future as a model, according to a source.

The insider stated: “These photos and the path she’s on will affect her future as a model, but also as a woman. What if one day she wants a normal job? Storm can’t let Lottie become another victim of this crazy influencer-meets-celebrity, image-obsessed culture. Her mental health needs to be protected.”

The person went on to explain: “Lottie is still pretty and is far from finished, but she needs to stop messing with her appearance and underselling herself. Not so long ago she… was modeling for Chanel and appearing in Vogue. She showed a lot of promise and now she has lost her way.”

However, Lottie has hit back at the claims that she is not doing well with her career, saying that she is happier than she has ever been.


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