Sarah Ferguson Is Shamed After Releasing Birthday Video

Sarah Ferguson Birthday Green Dress Prince Andrew

Sarah, Duchess of York, marked a happy moment, and it quickly turned sour because of some harsh comments.

Recently, Sarah Ferguson noted an incredible milestone — she celebrated her 61st birthday. Due to the ongoing health crisis, it appears that the mother of two had a low-key event with her loved ones.

However, Sarah did put on a lovely green dress, a bit of makeup to film a brief video where she thanked all the people who rushed to social media to wish her a happy birthday and post uplifting messages on her special day.

Many took the opportunity to thank Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie‘s mother for the great job that she has been doing during the lockdown.

The Duchess of York found a way to be useful during the lockdown by having a storytime program via Instagram to keep children busy and entertained.

She also comes up with fun crafts and games for children who are stuck at home.

Many fans applauded her efforts and let her know that they appreciate what she has been doing.

A supporter penned this thank-you note that read: “Happy Birthday, 🎂 Sarah, keep living your best life. Many congratulations 🎊 on your new adventure into becoming a grandma soon; enjoy the adventure 😊👍🤗.”

Sarah was praised by this royal enthusiast who wrote: “You are a truly wonderful person with a big heart for using your platform to support his cause ❤️ Since lockdown, I feel l have seen a very caring person, so forget all the past negativity god bless you and keep going 👏👏.”

A third social media user explained: “Sarah, you an example to the Royals. They should be so proud off you what you do ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉Happy Birthday, Sarah… I hope that you have a fantastic day celebrating.. 🎉and also congratulations on the soon to be/arrival of your 1st grandchild 👶🏻 You will be an amazing grandma .. xx.”

Royal author Phil Dampier, who saw the video, said she showed worrying signs and appeared stressed.

Dampier explained: “I know she has been finding the last few months very difficult.”

He went on to reveal why Sarah is feeling the pressure: “She has spent several months in lockdown at Royal Lodge with Prince Andrew, and obviously he is under great strain from the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. It must have placed them both under a lot of pressure with very little in the way of letting off steam.”

Many found the remarks to be harsh.


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