Lindsey Vonn Reveals Her Body Transformation In Stunning Sheer Dress Photos — Olympian Explains Why She Went From Muscular To Lean

Lindsey Vonn Stunning Sheer Dress Photos Body Transformation

Lindsey Vonn looks stunning in a completely sheer dress where she reveals her body transformation on the cover of the latest issue of New York Post‘s Alexa magazine.

However, now that the 36-year-old Olympian is retired, she has taken a different approach to working out, which has made her looker leaner.

Lindsey Vonn did a lengthy interview with the publication speaking about retirement from competitive skiing and the pressure she felt to look a certain way during her career.

The Olympian skier and 82-time World Cup winner has opened up about her body image issues and the pressure she felt to look a certain way during red carpet events with other athletes and celebrities.

Lindsey Vonn says some people told her that she was “too muscular” to wear certain clothes, leading to her feeling insecure about her body and how she looked.

As a competitive skier, Vonn says she was “30, 40, 50 pounds heavier” than everyone else she was standing next to on the red carpet.

She had also been told that her body type was not suitable for specific outfits.

Vonn spoke about her time as a professional skier and how people are now telling her she is in the “best shape” of her life.

The former Olympian said that she is not a training professional when it comes to skiing but enjoys it as a hobby.

She works out three times a week with professional fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson, which she says is to feel good and keep her knees strong.

She explained: “I’m a lot leaner,. I used to do things that were so sport specific, so I had to be bigger. But evesport-specific “Oh my God, you’re in the best shape of your life.” It’s like — yes and no. I’m not training for my sport anymore; I am training to be lean and fit.”

Vonn also shared stories from her professional career where she lost weight to “fit in” after suffering from body image issues and anxiety.

She confessed: “A lot of people have said, ‘You shouldn’t wear things like that. It doesn’t look good on your body type.’ Or ‘You’re too muscular for that.’ I had a lot of anxiety and body image issues when I came on the red carpet because I was, you know, 30, 40, 50 pounds heavier than everyone that I was standing next to… ”

And now she believes that wellness is about more than physical health, and takes her mental and emotional health more seriously, and “listens to her body” more.

The coronavirus pandemic has also made Lindsey Vonn take a different approach, and she spoke about how she is now trying to stay in the moment and spend time with the people she loves.


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