Madison LeCroy’s Date Night Outfit Photo Leads To Plastic Surgery Accusations As Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Have Surprising Reunion After Split

Madison LeCroy Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez Southern Charm Date Night

Madison LeCroy from Southern Charm seems to be doing all she can to shift the attention away from her headline-making drama involving Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

This week, the reality TV star took to Instagram, where she posted an adorable picture from her date night.

Madison LeCroy flashed a motherly smile in the photo as she posed with her young son, 8-year-old Hudson.

The mother showed off her stunning figure in a tight white outfit; as for Hudson, he looked very handsome in a striped green shirt and matching shorts.

The sweet picture led to an interesting debate about plastic surgery after a fan wrote: “Everyone’s all like, “where can I get that look?!” And I’m over here all like, “where can I pick up a body like that to make my clothes look that good?!” 😂”

A person responded by: “The plastic surgeon.”

This first supporter came back to say: “Yeah, I’m sure it’s that and not strict diet and exercise. 😂 I hate dieting and exercise, so I’m glad to hear this!!! if that’s the case then making an appointment after I pop this baby out!! 🤣”

Madison LeCroy responded by: “😂🤦🏼‍♀️ let me know how that works out!”

A backer stated: “You can get all the plastic surgery you want, but if you don’t eat a healthy diet or exercise, the surgery outcome will be short-lived. Madison put lots of effort into her body before she got surgery. I’ll give her that.”

Madison LeCroy has also recently revealed that she has a new boyfriend, and a close friend has confessed that she is happy and added: “Madison is happy in her new relationship. She wanted to tell everyone she has a boyfriend because she was sick of hearing everyone claim she was hooking up with [Alex Rodriguez].”

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez also made major headlines after they were seen having dinner together, just days after confirming they had broken off their engagement and were no longer in a relationship.

The former couple was spotted together at the Wolfgang Puck restaurant at Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, which is close to the home of Jennifer Lopez, 51, who owns a $28 million property in the same area.

It is also the same venue where they enjoyed their first date back in 2017, with Jennifer Lopez speaking to Vanity Fair magazine about the occasion a few months afterward and describing her then-boyfriend as “really cute.”

Less than two weeks ago, J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez, 45, confirmed that they had split after weeks of rumors that their relationship was on the rocks.

They issued a statement saying that they had realized they were “better as friends” but would continue to support each other and work together on their “shared businesses and projects.”

And their recent dinner meeting showed that they are still on friendly terms, despite no signs that they will be getting back together.

A source said that there seemed to be “love and respect” between J-Lo and A-Rod.

Jennifer Lopez has recently wrapped up filming Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic, posting a photo last Wednesday with many of her co-stars, including Josh Duhamel, captioning it “that’s a wrap” with several clapping hands emojis.

She is thought to have arrived home and is living back in LA, but Alex Rodriguez swiftly left the city after their dinner meet-up and headed back home to Miami, where he celebrated his daughter’s birthday later the same day.

On his Instagram account, he wished his little baby girl, Ella, a happy 13th birthday, questioning “where does the time go?”


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