Ivanka Trump Flaunts Fit Body In Leaked Photos That Might Remove Attention From Donald Trump’s Pants Chatter

Ivanka Trump Donald Pants Backward

A video filmed on a phone at Donald Trump‘s recent rally in North Carolina has sent social media users down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out whether he was wearing his pants backward or did he have an accident and wet them.

This week, Ivanka Trump also went viral after several photos leaked showing her in a sports bra and tight leggings while taking a stroll with her husband, Jared Kushner, and their fluffy white dog, named Winter.

Recorded at a rally last Friday in Greenville, the video has been going viral on social media in recent days. It shows former US President Donald Trump with navy-colored pants, which appear to be crumpled unusually at the front.

It prompted many Twitter and Instagram users to point out that it looked like Trump’s pants did not have a front zipper fly, with some suggesting he had put them on backward.

New York Daily News columnist Brandon Friedman said that the video “[couldn’t] be shared enough,” claiming that Donald Trump had given a “big speech today with his pants on backwards” and challenged his followers to tell him he was wrong.

The rough video did not look like it had been edited, although Donald Trump’s supporters were quick to believe it was photoshopped.

Commentator John Cardillo tweeted to say he could not believe how many people “fell for the horrible photoshopped pic of Trump’s pants.”

A photo from the event, which was in a higher resolution to the raw video footage, shows a seam which many interpreted as a zipper fly at the front of the pants, while some were so not easily convinced and thought it was just the usual seam at the back of men’s pants.

However, others suggested Trump was wearing a pair of pull-up pants, with one user saying he must “struggle with incontinence” and need to “get his pants down quick.”

Donald Trump was also compared to teenage American hip-hop duo Kriss Kross, who were popular in the 1990s and famously wore their pants backward.

Ivanka Trump turned heads while flaunting her impeccable figure and enjoying the Miami heat.

The businesswoman and former senior advisor to her father, Donald Trump, when he was president, opted to reveal her summer-ready body in a peach crop top and matching tied-dyed leggings.

She completed the look with white sneakers and a matching cap and shielded her face with cool aviator shades. As for Jared Kushner, he kept it simple by wearing beige shorts and a navy T-shirt.

The famous couple did not wear face masks and was followed by several Secret Service agents.

Fans complimented Ivanka Trump for her toned figure, while foes claimed that her belly shows that she had plastic surgery.


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