Christina Hendricks Looks Stunning In Daring Photos And Reveals Why She Is Tired Of Talking About Her Underwear

Christina Hendricks Mad Men Sexism Good Girls Photos

Christina Hendricks has been delighting her millions of Instagram followers with one daring picture after another.

Hendricks has also spoken in a recent interview about the sexism she has experienced while working as an actress and model, including on Mad Men.

The 46-year-old star was nominated for several awards after playing the role of Joan Holloway on the popular drama Mad Men, which ran for seven seasons between 2007 and 2015. Still, despite all the “good work,” she was constantly questioned about her underwear.

Speaking about the series, Christina Hendricks said that it was “very critically acclaimed.” She had received a lot of positive attention for all the “good” and “hard work” which had gone into it by everyone involved.

However, despite the achievements, “everyone” wanted to ask “about [her] bra again,” Christina said in the interview, adding that there are “only two sentences to say about bras.”

She stated: “There certainly was a time when we were very critically acclaimed and getting a lot of attention for our very good work and our very hard work, and everyone just wanted to ask me about my bra again. There are only two sentences to say about a bra.”

The Good Girls actress also questioned whether anyone in Hollywood comes out “unscathed and not objectified,” saying that she has never met a musician, model, or actor who has not experienced something similar.

Christina said that during her career, people have “tried to take advantage” of her or persuade her to do things she “wasn’t comfortable with,” even to the point where she was accused of not taking her work seriously enough.

However, after a modeling career between the ages of 18 and 27, she was all too used to the sexist and harassing tactics of the industry and said that she would “immediately get on the phone” to speak with the producers in order to have the “trouble” handled in a professional way.

She confessed: “I don’t know one musician or one model or one actor who has escaped that. I have had moments — not on Mad Men; on other things — where people have tried to take advantage of me, use my body in a way I wasn’t comfortable with, persuade me or coerce me or professionally shame me: ‘If you took your work seriously, you would do this ….”

And it is not the first time that Christina Hendricks has criticized the emphasis placed on her body rather than her talents.

In 2010, she said in a separate interview that “all anyone was talking about was her body” despite “working [her] butt off” on Mad Men.


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