Attorney In O.J. Simpson’s Case Working With One Of The Teenagers Charged With Murder After Father’s Body Found In Las Vegas

Daniel Halseth Daughter Sierra Aaron Guerrero Las Vegas Teenagers Murder Accusation

A teenage girl and her boyfriend have been charged with murder following the death of her father and a video in which the young couple laughs about “murdering somebody” is getting a lot of attention

Aaron Guerrero, 18, and Sierra Halseth, 16, have been charged with murder, robbery, conspiracy, arson, and fraudulent use of bank cards after the death of Sierra’s father, Daniel Halseth, 45, in Las Vegas.

A video posted to the couple’s YouTube channel while they were still on the run from police shows them cuddling up to each other while laughing together and telling their followers they had “lots of sex” after “murdering somebody.”

In the shocking video, Guerrero and Halseth do not appear to show any remorse. Aaron Guerrero says it is “day three after murdering somebody” before Halseth interjects to warn him, “whoa, don’t put that on camera!”

The short video clip is used as evidence in the case against Guerrero and Halseth, who is the daughter of a former state senator in Nevada, Republican Elizabeth Halseth.

Guerrero is heard saying that “it was worth it,” before kissing Sierra Halseth, who says they had a “lot of sex” that day — “payment” for the alleged act of violence.

Guerrero and Halseth reportedly recorded the video in April, less than a week after the death of her father, Daniel. The couple allegedly stabbed Daniel Halseth before dismembering him and then setting fire to his body and property.

They were reported to have fled the scene in his car but were arrested by police the following week in Salt Lake City.

Evidence presented to the jury included pictures of Sierra Halseth buying bleach, while Aaron Guerrero was pictured purchasing gloves and lighter fluid.

Other photographic evidence showed materials that had been burned, in addition to knives and saws, which were presumably used during the attack.

The family of Daniel Halseth released a statement that said he was “first and foremost a loving father, brother, and son,” who was “loved… very much” by his family.

On June 14, the story took another shocking twist after a high-profile attorney who worked on the O.J. Simpson case announced that he would represent Aaron Guerrero.

Attorney Gabriel Grasso has been hired by the teen’s parents, who took a mortgage on their home. Grasso was involved in the Nevada case against O.J. Simpson.

The court has agreed to pay for Guerrero’s psychiatrist, a private investigator, and forensic computer experts’ involvement in his legal defense team.

Guerrero and Sierra Halseth will appear in court on June 25 to be arraigned on the charges.


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