Gwen Stefani Hints At Big Announcement Soon After Latest Photos With Blake Shelton Leaked

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Married Reports Photos

Gwen Stefani revealed that she received quite an unexpected gift from her family and closest friends, as the 51-year-old celebrity updated her Instagram profile with a couple of new posts.

Apparently, the “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” performer was “kidnapped” by her loved ones and brought to a private party in honor of her wedding to Blake Shelton.

However, it seems that the party might have been the actual wedding because the singer has been spotted with two rings — an engagement ring and a diamond wedding band.

The famous singer shared a picture of her bridal shower that showed her with a big present in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. In the snap, Gwen Stefani smiles lightly while sipping the wine and looking away from the camera.

The singer combined a trendy colorful blazer with an elegant ponytail, bright red lipstick, and matching manicure for the occasion.

The media personality posted a short video as well, in which she could be heard happily saying, “I got kidnapped by my family to celebrateโ€ฆ I’m getting married!”.

The video clip showed the cheerful bride-to-be smiling happily in the company of her niece, Stella, and sister-in-law Jen.

Gwen Stefani also shared a picture of an enormous bouquet of pink and orange roses with the message “feeling loved feeling blessed.”

Another pair of photographs showed Gwen Stefani opening a card that appeared to be from her parents.

As the card indicated, Gwen Stefani received something old — a card dating back from the wedding of her parents in 1966, something blue and borrowed — a piece of jewelry with a blue stone and something new — a present.

Days after the bridal shower took place, Gwen Stefani seemed to confirm that she walked down the aisle.

In a series of photos that leaked online, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were seen enjoying a sunny day in a California park together.

The former No Doubt frontwoman made sure her edgy fashion was on point with a pair of torn jeans, navy blue polo, and aviator shades.

Fans were quick to point out that Gwen Stefani had a new diamond wedding band next to her massive engagement ring.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton met back in 2014 and started dating a year later. The couple announced their engagement in October 2020 and said they hope to marry in the summer of 2021.


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