Kristen Bell Appears In Leaked Cozy Photos With Hunky Benjamin Levy Aguilar After This Brutally Honest Comment About Her Relationship With Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell Benjamin Levy Aguilar Dax Shepard Marriage

Kristen Bell has been spotted out for a hike in Los Angeles with her new co-star, Benjamin Levy Aguilar, and the leaked friendly photos have tongues wagging.

Bell and Levy Aguilar have recently begun working on an upcoming mini-series, The Woman in the House, and it appears the two actors have been getting to know each other out of hours as they were seen last week having lunch in the same park.

On Friday, Dax Shepard‘s wife and Benjamin Levy Aguilar were photographed bright and early, going for a hike together, chatting and smiling all the way as they managed to fit in an exercise session despite their busy filming schedules.

Kristen Bell, 40, and Benjamin Levy Aguilar, thought to be 29 years old, were seen embracing at one point.

The Good Place actress wore a black tank top with matching mid-length leggings and sneakers. She carried a black face mask and a black bag and wore a simple gold pendant necklace.

Her co-star, Aguilar, known best for his role on Filthy Rich, wore a blue T-shirt, black sports pants, Nike sneakers, and white Adidas socks as he joined Bell on the hike to start the weekend.

The pair did not take a break from their workout schedule and were seen hitting the gym together. Fans have a lot to say after seeing the cozy photos.

One social media user had this reaction: “Lunch is innocent enough. But I’m sorry. He is looking at her in a way he shouldn’t. It’s very clear to me. I could be wrong. But oh boy.”

Another supporter said: “Awe this friendship is blossoming right before our eyes…đŸ˜‚â€ïž I’m being sarcastic; where is her husband?đŸ€””

Kristen Bell will play the leading role of Anna in The Woman in the House. She is described as a heartbroken woman who is smitten with a handsome man who moves into the house across the street.

Tom Riley stars alongside Bell in the two-part series, but it is not known whether he or Aguilar has been cast in the role of the handsome neighbor.

Kristen Bell has been married to Dax Shepard since 2013. The couple shares two daughters — 7-year-old Lincoln and 6-year-old Delta.

Recently, the actress did an interview where she spoke about her romance with Shepard and made this jaw-dropping comment: “Do you want to be on the porch with someone when you’re 80? We both want that.”

She went on to reveal: “He can tell me, someone, he finds attractive, female or male…it doesn’t make me feel like he’s going to leave me for that person because I’m not allowing my self-esteem to be affected.”

She added: “I know there are people on Planet Earth that are more attractive than me, and well, we’re not dead.”

Supporters have always found the actress’ honesty refreshing, and the couple has also been open with their use of couples therapy to keep their marriage afloat.


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