Victoria’s Secret Hires These Famous Recruits Because It No Longer Wants To Give Men What They Want

Victoria's Secret Priyanka Chopra Megan Rapinoe Angels

Victoria’s Secret has recruited several high-profile figures to shape the future of the famous lingerie company after years of criticism over its lack of diversity.

The company is known for its “angels” — the slender models who have been seen modeling lingerie for the brand since it was established more than 40 years ago.

However, now its executives have created a new way of promoting Victoria’s Secret, hoping to increase the sales lost over the past several months.

Journalist Amanda de Cadenet has been brought on to host a new 10-part podcast where she will interview a range of new spokespeople, including models Priyanka Chopra, Adut Akech, Valentina Sampaio, and Paloma Elsesser.

A range of women from the sporting world will also join the brand, including World Cup champion Megan Rapinoe and freestyle skier Eileen Gu.

A source has revealed that none of the women can expect to be seen posing in lingerie, as the traditional “angels” would have, but will appear on promotional materials for Victoria’s Secret, as well as sharing their stories on the upcoming podcast.

The insider told Page Six: “It’s a group of women inspiring change and positivity. It’s another step they’re taking towards transforming the brand. The entire industry thought Victoria Secret was done.”

Another source added: “[The Collective] is completely cause-driven … The idea is to create this community of outsiders looking in. It’s a new generation for the brand that is more about inclusivity. And they [Victoria’s Secret] needed it if they wanted to stay afloat. The brand was stuck in an era that never evolved. It’s a different world now.”

When asked whether the company would return to its original style of branding with its “angels” modeling skimpy lingerie, chief executive Martin Waters said he did not “see it as being culturally relevant.”

Waters, who has been chief executive since November 2020, said the brand is shifting from what men want and moving towards catering for women.

He added he has known for a while that the brand needed to change but did not have “the control of the company” to be able to make the transition.

Waters told the New York Times: “The brand needed to stop being about what men want and to be about what women want. I’ve known that we needed to change this brand for a long time; we just haven’t had the control of the company to be able to do it.”

The news comes more than 18 months after the annual Victoria’s Secret catwalk was canceled in 2019, after receiving backlash for being outdated, sexist, and severely lacking in diversity.


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