Prince William Broke Royal Protocol With This Picture And Hurt Prince Harry

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Birthday

Kate Middleton and Prince William might have thought that their latest move would have been considered as a kind gesture to Prince Harry.

Recently, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and her husband took to social media to post a sweet photo to wish Prince Harry a happy birthday.

For the prince’s 36th birthday, the photo shared on social media featured the future king of England, his wife, Kate, and Harry who were taking part in a friendly race.

Many royal fans rushed to social media to say that they were disappointed and even angered by the fact that Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, was surprisingly absent from his royal birthday post.

It is being claimed that Harry was furious that the Duchess of Sussex was not included in the birthday tribute.

Another reason for Harry to be angry is that William was willing to break royal protocols to hurt him.

Journalist and writer Amanda Platell explained: “Despite Palace protocol dictating that spouses are not included in pictures celebrating royal birthdays, it must have hurt Prince Harry deeply to see that the images released by his grandmother, father and brother to celebrate his 36th birthday all excluded his wife Megs. To compound things, Kate was in the 2017 picture sent by the Cambridges.”

The Queen also took the decision to post a picture from 2017, before Harry’s lavish royal wedding to Meghan. Prince Charles made sure to keep his daughter-in-law out of his social media posts.

It is rumored that the royal family is not thrilled with the couple’s decision to sign a massive deal with Netflix, and the photos they chose to honor Harry with do show their frustration.

Some fans support the fact that Meghan had been ignored out of the royal family’s posts. This social media user penned this comment: “Oh, please. They only have issue with Catherine appearing in the photo with Wills and Harry. The official Royal and Clarence house IG didn’t feature the US actress as well but no noise from them… it’s cleary they hate Catherine.”

Another royal enthusiast made this valid point: “They do the same for all royals in their birthday messages. Harry wasn’t in messages for Meghan either. That is because it is about the person who’s birthday it is. Meghan could always post b’ day wishes to Harry and include herself in the pics. We didn’t hear a peep from her wishing him well on his day, not even through her favorite spokesperson, Omid, who usually reports such things.”

An angry supporter revealed: “Oh, please!!! Just go away and be PRIVATE people like you said you want to be! Why are we hearing so much about them and their thoughts and feelings? Why?!!! Not a day goes by without hearing something from them! It’s like some kind of torture – or attempt at mental ‘programming.’ These two are just so full of their own self-importance… God-complexes or something. Maybe W&K stayed away because they’re sick and tired of you too!”

Harry and Meghan have apparently turned the page.


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