T.I. Reportedly Does Not Trust Jermaine Dupri Around His Wife Tiny Harris While Xscape Is On Tour

Tiny Harris T.I. Xscape Tour Jermaine Dupri

At this moment, Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her husband of 8 years, rapper T.I., are in a great place, but music maker Jermaine Dupri, the founder of Xscape, seems to be an issue for the famous ATL actor.

Sources say the lovebirds cannot get enough of each other. The couple took a very romantic trip for their wedding anniversary where T.I.P. covered his lady love with expensive gifts.

Tiny posted numerous videos explaining that she was living her best life with her man by her side.

The gateway served as proof that they had managed to save their relationship after T.I. was caught slapping Asia’h Epperson‘s booty at the end of a concert.

However, now that Tiny and the ladies of Xscape — Kandi Burruss and the Scott sisters — are getting ready to hit the road, T.I. feels his insecurities are creeping back and that she will be the one cheating on him this time around and Jermaine might be the other man.

A source close to the MC from Atlanta explained: “Tiny is about to go back on tour in October, and she couldn’t be more excited. But T.I.? Not so much. He worries a ton despite the fact that Tiny’s 2017 tour went well he’s worried about all the same things as last time, all over again.”

The person, who seems to know T.I., went on to reveal to Hollywood Life that T.I. is battling his insecurities and added: “T.I. is very worried about Tiny taking baby Heiress with her on the road. He’s worried she won’t have enough time for all their kids. And no doubt he’s got other more personal worries, like her being surrounded by other men during this tour. T.I is way too proud to confess it to her, but like all of us he’s has a lot of insecurities when it comes to Tiny cheating on him.”

The family friend, who spoke to the media outlet, added: “He’s very suspicious whenever men are near her. At this point, he’s even concerned about Jermaine Dupri’s motives when it comes to his wife. Tiny is doing all she can to calm her husband’s fears and convince him there’s no reason to worry but it’s not easy, it’s definitely causing some tension for them.”

The couple has been through so many storms in the past, expect them to survive this upcoming tour.


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