Kate Moss’s Sister, Lottie Moss, Shares New Scandalous Bikini Photos To Prove That Her Body Is All Natural And Gets In Nasty Fights With Fans Who Call Her A Liar

Lottie Moss Kate Sister Takes On Critics

Lottie Moss has shared new photos on social media showing off her cheeky tattoo in a “quick reminder” post to the people who have made negative comments about her body.

The 23-year-old model, who is the sister of modeling icon Kate Moss, posted three new pictures to Instagram on Thursday.

Two of the snaps were of Lottie’s full figure with her back towards the camera, wearing a patterned bikini which clearly displayed a tattoo on the upper part of her bottom which read, “not yours.”

In one photo, she looked to the side, and in another, she looked directly into the camera. A third picture showed a close-up shot of her tattoo for her 385,000 Instagram followers to read clearly.

Lottie Moss captioned the post as a “quick reminder” that bodies can look “different from different angles,” as she responded to negative comments made by Internet users during her recent trip to Mexico, where she partied with friends on a yacht in a different bikini set.

She explained: “Just a quick reminder body’s look different from different angles – been looking at some comments after a DM article came out of some pictures of me on a boat where I was dancing, and some people think their opinions on my body, and the way it looks in different pictures are necessary so just to let you trolls know – I don’t care and neither should you x.”

Lottie Moss got into a massive fight with fans who called her a liar and believed that she uses Photoshop to make her butt appear bigger than it really is.

A person called out Lottie Moss with this remark: “Your bum looks nothing like that. Honesty isn’t tricky by x.”

An angry Moss fought back and slammed the naysayer: “I didn’t realize u had seen it in person x.”

This follower bashed Lottie Moss: “We saw it without photoshop on the daily mail luv.” Another chimed in: “Angles and posing don’t trim your waist 8 inches.”

Lottie Moss came back swinging and had this response: “Sad little life, Jane x.”

Lottie Moss, who recently returned from the trip to Mexico — which she claimed was for work purposes — has been taking to social media to share sunny snaps ever since.

Earlier this week, Lottie shared a picture that displayed her other body tattoos — three birds and a “Hello Kitty” cat.

She wore a hot pink and black animal print two-piece swimsuit while holding a cocktail and posing against a backdrop of palm trees and gentle cloudy skies, telling followers she wished she could be there now.

In another post, she shared more photos of herself and two friends in Mexico, saying that she missed her “best friends.”

In December, Lottie Moss came under fire for an Instagram live video during which she kissed a friend and repeated somebody’s comment that she was a coronavirus “super-spreader.”


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