Jennifer Lopez Reveals That Her Body Is All Muscle In Sexy Photo That Sparked An Intense Debate

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez Vacation

Jennifer Lopez has given her Instagram followers a side view of her famous figure. She kneels next to a mirror wearing a white bodysuit for her most recent social media selfie.

The 51-year-old pop star was in the Dominican Republic with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, last week.

The couple stayed there over the weekend, including on Dominican Independence Day, which is celebrated each year on February 27.

On Sunday, Jennifer Lopez shared a new photo to her Instagram account, wearing a figure-hugging white bodysuit and kneeling next to a mirror in the bedroom.

The “Let’s Get Loud” singer and model posed with a large bed and a wall-mounted TV in the background, presumably in the hotel room where she and her beau stayed.

Wearing her hair tied up in a bun, Jennifer Lopez looked glamorous as always and accessorized with a pair of gold hoop earrings.

She used the hashtag #SelfCareSunday as the caption for the post and tagged her popular skincare company.

Many fans impressed by Jennifer Lopez’s impressive muscles and overall sexy and toned body took to the comment section to compliment. A few naysayers opted to criticized her for having plastic surgery to look fabulous at the age of 50.

One fan called Lopez a “goddess,” and another follower wrote: “You have discovered the fountain of youth. When will you share it with the rest of us? 😜”

This critic went after the diva and business mogul with this remark: “It’s called….. I had plastic surgery AND enough money to pay the surgeons not to say anything! 😂😂”

This backer stepped in to explain how Lopez achieved her goal of looking great: “She’s already shared it. She works out like crazy. It literally works out every day for 1-2 hours for the last 30 years. She eats very healthy, that I,s salads with healthy grains such as quinoas and lean meats like salmon and grilled chicken. And she drinks only water and all day. She also snacks a lot on healthy snacks like carrot,s veggies, and almond, and pistachios. The key isn’t what her secret is but instead, how disciplined can you be? I know I can’t eat healthy for longer than a week. JLo made it a lifestyle she eats healthy every day, and once on a very rare occasion will she eat unhealthy. Me, along with 99% of the world, are the opposite. We eat unhealthy most of the time and once in a while will eat healthy.”

Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé and former MLB player, A-Rod, shared photographs the same day of their outing to a golf course, where they were pictured kissing and posing for several shots.

They wore coordinated white outfits, and both posted to Instagram to mark Independence Day in the Dominican Republic.

Alex Rodriguez posted to his own Instagram account on the day, sharing a cute photo of the pair with their arms around each other on the golf course against an idyllic backdrop of fluffy clouds with the sun peeking through.

On Valentine’s Day, Lopez encouraged all her followers to look after themselves and practice self-care, saying that a “beauty routine” is an “expression of love” towards yourself and your body.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been engaged since March 2019 and tried to get married on two occasions last year but had to rearrange their plans due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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