Ex-Sycamore Teacher Gets Probation In Sex Crime Case After Teenage Victim Tells Judge She Is In Love With Her

Jennifer Walsh Ohio Former Teacher Love Probation Sentencing

A teenager from Ohio has professed her love for a special education teacher; Jennifer Walsh, who was facing charges of sexual battery. Walsh got away with probation.

According to the girl, who was underage when she started having intimate relations with Walsh, she is genuinely in love with the former Sycamore High School teacher in Cincinnati, and had never felt any pressure in their relationship, or felt that she was being abused in any way.

She told Hamilton County Judge Jody Luebbers: “I know in my heart that I am completely in love with this woman, without a doubt, the romance was willing, on both ends.”

Reports indicate that the girl was 17 years old when the sexual acts took place, while the teacher was 27 at the time.

However, despite the age difference, the girl claims that the act was completely consensual and she had a full understanding of what she was doing. The defense did not know whether this was going to touch the judge and at first, it was hard to say.

Still, many people seem to be defending the relationship, including an investigator on the case who admitted that he saw it as real, and believes that it would continue on this path in the future as well.

Montgomery police Detective Steve Hoy told Luebbers: “This relationship, I believe, was actually real. It will probably continue to be real.” Looking at Walsh, Hy said earlier in the week: “The detective said you’re not a sexual predator, and I don’t think you are, either.”

The teacher had pleaded guilty to the charges she was facing, and she was looking at a possibility of 18 months in prison as a result of that.

However, it looked like even the judge on the case was having second thoughts about the overall situation, stating that she needed more time to make her decision at the last hearing.

Many quickly felt it was possible that Walsh might be released without any prison time. A lot of attention was focused on the case, with many people anxiously awaiting the results.

Walsh will not be allowed to teach again after her October 2018 resignation.


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