Couple Arrested Over 2-Month-Old Baby’s Death — Danville Parents Charged After Daughter Died From Drug Overdose

Eugene Chandler Jr. Shaleigh Brumfield Virginia Parents Arrested

In a tragic recent incident, authorities have arrested the parents — Eugene Chandler Jr. and Shaleigh Brumfield — of a 2-month-old girl who had died about half a year ago from a drug overdose.

The girl was reportedly discovered with different drugs in her system, including heroin and cocaine.

However, the case remained unsolved for a while as authorities were gathering evidence and trying to piece together what had happened.

Investigating the Danville, Virginia home of the parents led to the discovery of various signs of drug abuse, which authorities were able to connect with the drugs discovered in the girl’s system.

Last month, a grand jury made the decision to indict the two on the counts they are currently facing, felony homicide and abuse and neglect of a child, leading to their arrest a couple of weeks ago.

They are currently being held without bond until the situation clears up, and authorities have been maintaining a low profile about the case as well.

Shaleigh Brumfield Eugene Chandler Jr. Virginia Parents Charged

There has been speculation over the possible involvement of the two parents in the girl’s death, with some convinced that there is more to the story than what is being put out right now.

However, those details will likely remain the subject of speculation for some time to come, given the heavily secretive nature of the investigation at the moment.

The sensitive context of the case can be a reasonable explanation for that, although some have speculated that there could be more revelations in the upcoming months.

In any case, it will likely take some time for more news to start surfacing, at least until the official final sentencing. Chandler Jr. is 27-years-old and Shaleigh Brumfield. 26.

People on social media were very saddened and angry over what happened to the child.

However, they have no patience for this parents’ behavior despite the fact their drug addiction problem is what led to tragedy.

Some commenters even brought up the death penalty or life in a prison sentence.


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