Woman’s Neck Is Sliced In Freak Lawnmower Accident — The Possible Culprit Has Been revealed

Kendra Jensen South Dakota Andy Lawnmower

After her lawnmower shot out a small object, Kendra Jensen was left in a life-threatening condition as the object had torn right through her neck and sliced it open.

The South Dakota woman was close to her husband, Andy Jensen, who was the one operating the lawnmower and alerted him shortly after sensing that something was wrong with her.

The man, who had extensive experience in the Marines and police forces, immediately put his skills to use.

However, the couple was fearing the worst, as the closest facility that could tend to her wound was nearly an hour away.

The woman’s husband knew what to do; however, as he stuffed the wound with a special solution and dressed it properly until the ambulance arrived at the scene.

She explained: “I thought that I got hit by a rock, it felt like something hit me, and then fell off me. I didn’t know that my neck had been sliced open. I was immediately just like ‘that hurt,’ and so I grabbed my neck. That’s when I realized I was bleeding, and it was wet. And that’s when I freaked out.”

Kendra Jensen South Dakota Andy

She continued with: “He ran to his car and grabbed his trauma bag, I make fun of him all the time for having it, I’m like, ‘we’re never going to need that.”

Her husband added: “She’s going to bleed out in front of me, that was the very first thing that came to my mind. No one is definitely ever going to be outside again when I’m mowing.”

According to the couple, the two usually are quite careful with the maintenance of their yard, as they both understand the risks involved.

However, the woman did not believe that she was standing at a dangerous distance from the machine at the time the incident happened.

That also added to her fear after she realized she had been hit, as she believed that the object must have been really big and dangerous to cause that much damage.

At first, it was not known precisely what sliced the woman’s neck open, but the unidentified object miraculously managed to miss pretty much every vital part of her body while passing through.

A few days after the accident, it was revealed that the culprit was a small crushed rock with a sharp edge. The couple has a rock driveway.

Hopefully, she will be able to make a full recovery.


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