Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Suicide Attempt Comes After New Bill Clinton Connections Revealed

Bill Clinton Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell

Disgraced businessman Jeffrey Epstein was found unconscious with neck injuries in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on Wednesday.

Rumors suggest that Epstein did that to himself so he could get transferred elsewhere. A suicide attempt or an attack from another inmate could also be a possibility. He was taken to the hospital.

This shocking development comes on the same day that it was revealed that Epstein visited the White House several times in the 1990s although until now it was believed that the Clintons were introduced to the financier in the early 2000s.

Conspiracy theorists were quick to link the Epstein’s problems in jail to the former first family, and the #ClintonBodyCount has been trending ever since.

Former US president Bill Clinton has been under fire lately after his alleged connections to the convicted pedophile floated to the surface, he did try to minimize them with a lengthy statement.

And while this did not immediately implicate Clinton himself in any wrongdoing, it did paint him in a more suspicious light for many of his followers and commenters on politics in general.

Recent reports have shed some light on that story. According to new revelations, it was Ghislaine Maxwell that made the initial introduction which brought Clinton and Epstein so close together.

Clinton’s family had been close to Maxwell for some time before that, and there is little doubt that the strong connection between them could have played a role in the whole ordeal.

A source told Politico: “The Clintons were relatively intimate with her. She ended up being close to the family because she and Chelsea ended up becoming close.”

However, the exact nature of Clinton’s links to Epstein is still under question.

There is ongoing speculation that there might be more beneath the surface than what is being reported right now, although many have condemned the notion that Clinton himself could be implicated in any of that.

The former president has refrained from commenting too much on the situation for the time being, which is probably in his best interest.

The case of Epstein has dragged down a few prominent figures already, and it looks like heads will continue to roll as more connections between him and others are uncovered.

Many have started to distance themselves from alleged sex trafficker too, and it looks like he has lost a great degree of his support so far. Epstein himself has not been very active in commenting on the situation publicly.


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