Princess Eugenie Is Accused Of Being Disloyal To Queen Elizabeth; Royal Fans Defend Her

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In the wee hours of the night, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s belongings were seen being packed from their Frogmore Cottage.

All of their pieces of furniture were quietly shipped from England to California, where they reside since quitting their royal duties.

It was later revealed that Harry and his wife had secretly cooked up a plan behind the royal family’s back to turn over the keys to the home to Princess Eugenie.

Eugenie is pregnant with her first royal baby along with her husband, Jack Brooksbank. It has been confirmed that Eugenie and her spouse are set to move into the cottage in early 2021, which coincides with her due date.

According to royal sources, the power couple cooked up the “shady plan” that “blindsided” senior royals. Many are baffled by the fact that Queen Elizabeth might have been left in the dark about this transaction between his grandchildren and their respective spouses.

Harry and Meghan opted not to discuss the plan to let Princess Eugenie move into Frogmore Cottage with the members of the royal family.

It is not known if Eugenie and Brooksbank were aware that the move was a secret for the rest of the clan.

A royal source spoke about the sneaky plan to the Sun on Sunday by saying: “Senior royals were initially blindsided by the idea for Harry and Meg to let Eugenie and Jack move in. Emptying their home and handing over the keys is a pretty strong sign, Harry and Meghan have no plans to return.”

The person added: “It appears they are tying up loose ends as they plan to extend their stay in the US perhaps permanently.”

When Buckingham Palace was asked about what transpired, a spokesman had this ambivalent comment: “Frogmore Cottage is the private residence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and as such, any arrangements are a matter for them.”

Royal fans have decided to defend Princess Eugenie against the report that she took part in a sneaky move that would anger Queen Elizabeth.

These followers say the princess would never be disloyal to Her Majesty, and this is another PR stunt from Harry and his wife.

This supporter of the princess made this remark about the sketchy deal: “No, I’m not buying it. Yes, It’s the sort of thing H & M would do but not Eugenie. If she was approached by H & M, she would have told her parents, who would have advised her to talk to someone about it – if she needed advising, which I doubt. This and the other thing about them being charged £10,000 a month are just PR spin to make it look like the cottage still belongs to H & M – whereas, in truth, of course, it no longer does.”

This shocked observer shared the following theory: “I truly would be utterly shocked if Eugenie and Jack did some shady deal! Besides, how would they explain to the Queen that they are now living there?? You’ve just got to laugh at headlines such as these!”

This supporter, who seems to have an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the royal family, further elaborated with this note: “Harry and Meghan are still in delusional states of being. (A) If they think for one minute that anyone remotely believes that Eugenie would be so foolish and disloyal to her family – and, most of all, to Her Majesty, the Queen, who, after all, was the one who insisted that Princess Eugenie be given the tiara she wanted, and had been promised before Ms ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets’ Markle – the one who clumsily, vindictively, sought to upstage Eugenie with her non-existent ‘bump’ – then the Markles are more arrogant and self-promoting than anyone could possibly imagine. (B) They are delusional in their utter arrogance if they honestly believe that they can affect Netflix’s managerial decisions in regard to whether they will cover the Harry and debacle, in The Crown, or any future venture – I would imagine that the latter might already have been mooted by Netflix bosses. The salacious story is too good to miss out on – too good not to try to profit from. (C) If Meg really believes that another set of hapless PR lackeys will not be able to rescue their failed brand, neither will they be able to get around the thorny issues undermining any putative ventures of this sorry pair: they are devoid of talent, devoid of good judgment, devoid of personal appeal and devoid of goodwill – having drained it all away in a torrent of bad behavior, pouty petulance, selfishness, hypocrisy, and stupidity. Deluded and delusional, they, and their ill-thought ventures are doomed.”

Harry and Meghan are often in the middle of the latest royal intrigues.


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