Jodi Harrison-Bauer, 58, Misses Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue At Final 16 — Here Is Why She Still Feels Like A Winner

Jodi Harrison-Bauer Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Jodi Harrison-Bauer made a splash earlier this year when she joined the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit open casting call, and many people on the Internet immediately started rooting for her to go as far as possible.

As soon Sports Illustrated started running a contest for a swimsuit model, it drew a lot of attention. And the sports magazine has already seen many candidates who have enjoyed various degrees of success.

One person, in particular, seemed more enthusiastic than others though and was convinced that she was going to be the one to win. Harrison-Bauer, from Connecticut, appeared convinced that she had already won.

The 58-year-old mom expressed her delight from the contest as a whole, explaining that it was an entertaining event and pointed out that girls in their early 20s mostly dominated the scene.

She shared: “It was really cool. I started standing in line at 6 o’ clock in the morning, hungry, and in the pouring rain. But I met a lot of really wonderful young girls.”

Despite her age, Harrison-Bauer was sure of her ability to win the contest, and she was convinced that she had what it takes.

Not only that, but she already saw a glimpse of victory when she was attending the casting in the first place, although it is not clear what might have prompted her to claim that.

According to Harrison-Bauer, the idea came mostly from her children, who were actively encouraging her to join the contest. She was reportedly reluctant at first, but ended up caving in and gave the idea a chance.

And in the end, she does not seem to regret it in the slightest. All reports observers have seen from her so far seem to express a lot of joy and confidence, and even if she did not win, it is clear that at least she has managed to have a great time during the contest.

Something which certainly cannot be said for every person attending these things. Out of 5,000 contestants, the stunning mom has managed to make it in the top 60.

The owner of Jody Fit told PEOPLE: “I believed I had a lot to share with people. The SI Swim Issue is inclusive of every woman. They have every shape and size, yet they don’t have an older woman who isn’t a famous professional model.”

She continued with: “I believed in myself, but I [also] knew change couldn’t happen without action. I lost myself in my marriage. I felt like there was something much more to me, and I knew it included fitness or something [being] physical.”

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Explosiv! @rtlde

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A fan had this to say to her: “STUNNINGLY beautiful lad and a stunning figure topped with a smile to melt the coldest of hearts.”

Another supporter added: “Unbelievable I wished I looked that good at 63. Sports illustrated just lost another customer, my husband.”

With the contest over, the fitness enthusiast has gained more notoriety to push her business. She now has a real following, especially on social media.

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Apparently this is what I’m supposed to post lol! Just learning from @lexharr & @elyssa_harrison , my unofficial handlers these days. Here I am in @nypost today!!! Thank you to @kirflem and to everyone who worked with me the day of this beautiful photo shoot. This journey wasn’t and isn’t about being a model in Sports Illustrates Swim, but about the inclusivity of a woman who is not or has never been a professional or signed model, actor or dancer over the age of 55. This was about making a decision with the urging of my daughters to ‘go for it’ and ask to be included in the Swim Issue since they now have an open casting call. There were no requirements. I didn’t know anything about the SI Swim world, or industry. I didn’t know the editor of the issue or most of the models. But I began to educate myself as the process continued. It was a great learning experience and I entered and embraced everything and everyone I met. I didn’t have a coach or an agent or a manager. I went as myself to ask to be included in an issue that prides itself on inclusivity. That was my mission. And…. check out my calendar for 2020 now on sale at

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