Aaron Luther, CHP Riverside Shootout Gunman, Is Dead — Andre Moye’s Alleged Killer Was An Ex-Con

Aaron Luther Andre Moye Riverside CHP Riverside Shootout

CHP officer Andre Moye was allegedly killed by Aaron Luther after a brutal gun battle on the 215 Freeway in Riverside, California. Two officers were injured in the shooting — one is said to be in critical condition.

On Monday afternoon, videos surfaced showing Luther shooting with a high-powered rifle at several police officers.

Luther, a Beaumont resident, had a traffic stop, and he decided to pull out his weapon and started shooting at the CHP officers.

Thus far, it is not known what triggered Luther’s shocking decision to open fire after a CHP officer pulled him over. It has been confirmed that Moye was gunned down as he was working to have Luther’s truck impounded.

The heavy and frightening gun battle continued with multiple police reinforcements from three different law-enforcement agencies.

The dramatic shooting also led to the death of Luther. It is not known if he took his life or if he was fatally shot by the authorities.

Luther’s family members are talking after the disturbing incident that has rocked the entire country. His father, Dennis Luther, spoke to Eyewitness News and said that he is baffled by what occurred.

He also said that he was sad for Moye’s loved ones. Dennis Luther explained that his son was an ex-con who served ten years in prison for attempted murder.

Aaron Luther, 49, was also a married father who was trying to turn his life around. The griefing father stated: “It’s hard. I love him. And I’m sorry for the policeman.”

He revealed that he wept upon learning that his son was involved in the shooting and added: “I’m devastated. I just can’t believe it.”

Dennis Luther went on to say that Aaron Luther had called his wife and explained that he was pulled over and needed her to pick him up because his truck was being towed.

However, when the woman arrived in the area, she heard the shots, and she almost got hit. Dennis Luther said: “She said she heard pop pop pop gunfire — and then a bullet went through the windshield of her car.”

Dennis Luther claimed his son was also depressed and was having issues at home.

He revealed that Aaron Luther and his wife had two children together, and he was also raising her child as his own.
He shared: “He lived for his kids. That’s what motivated him. So I don’t know what overcame him. I wish I did know.”

Gun control advocates are already this case, a convicted felon with a loaded assault rifle, to push their agenda. Some say the suspect probably did not want to go back to prison and knew the authorities were going to find a loaded weapon in the vehicle.


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