Molly Sims Removes Her Clothes In Stunning Instagram Photos — Fans Have So Many Questions About Her Gravity-Defying Body

Molly Sims Bikini Photos Mexico Vacation Victoria s Secret Angel

Molly Sims has an age and gravity-defying body, and she is not afraid to flaunt it.

Recently, the stunning model made jaws drop after she took to Instagram, and she shared a picture where she has nothing on while soaking in a bubble-filled bathtub.

When Molly Sims is not removing her clothes, she is making her fans drool with gorgeous bikinis.

According to her latest photos, model Molly Sims enjoyed a short vacation with her family and took to social media to document her pleasant experience in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The 47-year-old former Victoria’s Secret Angel shared a couple of revealing bikini pictures from her trip, and her followers could not help but wonder how she kept her amazing figure through the years.

She had her backers with awe in a stunning nude bathing suit.

The supermodel also smiled radiantly to the camera in the snaps as she posed in a one-piece swimsuit in dark blue color. The celebrity accessorized her beach outfit with oversized sunglasses and an elegant necklace.

The first snap showed the blonde beauty with her hands in the air while she was standing in front of a lavish villa and a swimming pool.

In the rest of the pictures, Molly Sims was photographed with her hands down but still smiling happily.

The post proved to be an instant success, and it seemed that Molly’s fans could not get enough of her bikini pictures, and many wanted more details about her incredible outlook.

As a result, a lot of followers took to the comment section to compliment Sims on her looks, and others asked the model about her outfit and how she was able to avoid getting cellulite.

One fan wrote, “please someone, call 911 for me, I have a heart attack”, whereas another one stated, “You still got it, sister.”

The model was quick to respond, and she explained that the swimsuit was from Melissa Odabash‘s collection, and the secret behind her flawless legs was the fact that she used a toning kit from NuFace.

In a past interview, she gave more details about how she stays in shape. She shared: “People always ask, How do you do it all? I’m like a walking calendar.”

The model added: “I literally make my snacks on a Sunday if I’m traveling on a Tuesday, and I’ll pack them before I leave. Or I’ll look at the menu of a restaurant we plan on going to beforehand, and I’ll say, OK, we’re getting tacos on Tuesday, so we’re going meatless on Monday.”

Many are impressed with her commitment to this healthy lifestyle.


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