Man Shoots And Kills Female Beggar Who Asked For 23 Cents In Shocking Video

Zilda Henrique Dos Santos Aderbal Ramos De Castro

Disturbing footage has emerged that shows the final moments of a homeless woman in Brazil, Zilda Henrique dos Santos, 31, who was shot and killed by a man, Aderbal Ramos de Castro, passing by her, all because she had “dared” to ask him for a sum equivalent to 23 cents USD.

The video shows the man walking by the woman on Rua Barao de Amazonas in central Rio who then actively tries to get his attention, asking for the sum of 1 real, according to reports.

The man kept trying to walk away, but the woman continued to pursue him down the street.

At one point, the suspect pulled out a gun and shot the woman several times before walking away calmly.

The homeless woman can then be seen trying to flee the scene, but she succumbed to her wounds shortly after and passed away on the street.

She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital soon after the incident.

A passerby was able to console her during her final moments but could do nothing to save the woman from meeting her tragic fate.

The alleged killer has been identified and arrested, according to reports.

He is currently awaiting prosecution, although reports indicate that the case might take a while, and he is being held in custody at the moment.

The murdered woman was well-known in the local community, and many have expressed their anger over her death on social media.

The shooting marks yet another tragic death on Brazil’s streets, adding even more credibility to the fact that the country has an ongoing problem.

Right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is very close to President Donald Trump in terms of ideology, has tried to push for looser gun laws in the country since he has taken office earlier this year.

Official numbers suggest that violent deaths have gone down in the country in the past year, 27,517, from January to August versus 35,422 in the same period in 2018.

While most were shocked by what happened, others have pointed out that in the developed world, homelessness is a serious problem that can be a form of gateway to other issues like drugs, violence, and more.

These people say that the man might have been really scared for his safety. Although, the viral video does not show enough to reach such a conclusion.


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