Magen Fieramusca, Who Is Heidi Broussard And Margot Carey’s Kidnapping Suspect, Pretended To Be ‘Sick’ When They Went Missing As Some Expect Murder Charge To Come Next

Heidi Broussard Margot Carey Magen Fieramusca Texas Kidnapping Suspect

Magen Fieramusca, the 33-year-old Texas woman linked to the death of Heidi Broussard; also 33, and the disappearance of her one-month-old baby, Margot Carey, has been brought to an Austin jail.

After getting arrested, Fieramusca was charged on Friday with kidnapping and tampering with Broussard’s corpse.

It has been revealed that before the arrest, Fieramusca claimed to be sick over the disappearance of her friend. She also pretended to be a new mother with a daughter named Luna.

Broussard’s friend, Caressa Nolte, stated: “I talked to Magen every day. She’s been like sick over this. I even told her she [the baby] sounded sweet.”

Fieramusca is expected to face new charges in the upcoming days or weeks. Her arrest was a real shocker because a day before, people were more focused on Broussard’s fiancé, Shane Carey, and some online commenters even saw him as a potential suspect.

His interviews reminded them of Chris Watts, the Colorado husband who had killed his wife, Shan’Ann Watts Rzucek, and their two daughters in 2018.

Here is why people had their doubts. New information had come out, shedding light over the case of Broussard and her baby daughter Margot, whose whereabouts remained unknown for a week, as a friend of the absent mother came forward and shared with the police that Broussard and her fiancé, Carey, had been going through a rough phase lately.

The informatory, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that Broussard and Carey’s past arguments went so far that the two of them even broke up for a while.

However, the unnamed friend was very surprised when Broussard contacted her in May to say she and Carey had reconciled.

The mother of two had disappeared without a trace alongside her daughter on December 12, and the two of them were reported missing by Carey, who informed the police of their absence at around 7 in the evening.

The mother and daughter were seen together for the last time when in the morning of that day, Broussard brought her 6-year-old son, Silas Carey, to the Austin elementary school, where he studies.

According to Broussard’s friend, wherever she went, she was forced to go there because she would have never left her young son behind if she had a choice.

Furthermore, at some point, Broussard reportedly had been planning to move to Kyle, where Carey’s father owns a property.

Meanwhile, the parents of the deceased woman, David and Tammy Broussard, had also claimed that their daughter would not go away without her son willingly and made a plea for the person holding Heidi and Margot to return them safely.

Unfortunately, the new mom was found in the trunk of a car less than 24 hours later with baby Margot alive inside of Fieramusca’s home.

The suspect wanted to make the child as her own because she was never pregnant in the first place.


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