Madalyn Davis, Backpacker And Model, Who Fell To Her Death While Taking A Picture, Had Trouble Dealing With Instagram Fame

Madalyn Davis Australia Selfie Fall British Model

The unexpected death of the 21-year-old British and Instagram model, Madalyn Davis, from Lincoln, left the public and her family devastated.

Miss Davis, who was a beautician specializing in eyelashes, lost her life, while she was trying to take a selfie as she was visiting Diamond Bay.

It has been confirmed that she died after falling from a very high cliff in Sydney, Australia.

Davis had been backpacking in Australia over the course of the last few weeks after trips to Thailand and Bali.

The young woman attended a party with some of her friends in Vaucluse on Saturday, and at some point, the group decided to climb the cliffs in the Diamond Bay Reserve so they could watch the sunrise on Sunday morning.

Davis and her friends reportedly managed to reach the top of one of the nearly 100-foot-high cliffs, where they sat to watch the beginning of the day.

However, Davis allegedly tried to take her picture and fell over the edge of the cliff around 6:30 am.

Following the incident, authorities and emergency workers were immediately called, among which Pol Air and the Marine Area Command.

The search parties managed to recover the body of the late model out of the water a couple of hours after they were contacted.

According to authorities that are working on the case, an investigation is to be carried out before a full report could be made.

Davis’ mother, Rebecca Smith, took to social media to pour out her heart by writing: “My daughter was not self-obsessed; she was a wonderful, beautiful person that made a mistake.”

Smith went on to explain that her daughter managed to “continually overcome” trolling and bullying and countless “abhorrent comments and vile opinions” on Instagram because she had a real “passion and zest for life.”

The mother also explained that, sadly, Davis often “struggled with a world that could be so unkind” to her and had been “taken advantage of” numerous times.

The family has launched a GoFundMe to raise money in order to help stop online bullying.

Davis’ cousin spoke on behalf of the family via a Facebook message that read: “Madalyn’s brother, sister and cousins are so hurt by the hateful trolls and online bullying following our daughters passing, that they wish to lobby government and social media companies to take this issue more seriously and to deal with issues more promptly and effectively.”

The emotional statement went on to explain: “She believed in universal oneness, the fundamental belief that she couldn’t hurt another human being, as to do so she would hurt herself. This caused a lot of pain in her life, as a lot of people don’t believe in this sentiment, and therefore this left her venerable to abuse, resentment, and manipulation. Despite this, Maddie still faced every day with optimism and a smile on her face. She was determined to find the better place that she hoped the world could be.”

This is not the first death case that occurs in this area. While the place is dangerous, it is still a very popular destination among tourists and photographers who are willing to risk it all for the perfect shot or selfie that will pickup likes on Instagram and Facebook.

Earlier this year, a 27-year-old woman lost her life under the same circumstances, and some of the witnesses of her death claimed she fell because she wanted to take a picture.


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