Tamar Braxton Drops Her Dress In This Video To Showcase Her Curvy Body As She Reveals An Annoying Thing About Mother’s Day

Tamar Braxton David Adefeso Mother's Day

Tamar Braxton is longing for her life from before being in lockdown, as the 43-year-old singer recently shared a provocative throwback video on Instagram.

Apparently, the reality television celebrity decided to use an old video to delight her fans on purpose, as in the title of her post, she explained, “Posting my old life cause I refuse to post some food which is the life in currently living.”

In the footage, the Celebrity Big Brother winner flaunted her curves in an appealing black and white lingerie that left little to the imagination, and as a result, the post was soon approved by thousands of fans.

In one of the latest episodes of the YouTube show Taco Talking Tuesday with Tamar Braxton, Braxton opened up and talked with Johnny Wright about how she spends her time in self-isolation from the world.

According to David Adefeso‘s girlfriend, her current routine was mostly filled with watching television, scrolling through social media, and eating.

However, the singer did not appear to be very happy about her situation because she remarked, “I’m going to be 100 percent transparent. I feel like I’ve been masking all of my feelings.”


She added, “I haven’t had water until yesterday. I’m masking my feelings with food, with television, with looking at other people’s pages” and confessed she has been “closet eating” throughout the last few weeks.

The R&B diva decided it was time to change her unhealthy eating habits because, in the show, she also consulted with fellow actress and vegan Tabitha Brown, and how she made “taco meat” from pecans.

Braxton was recently a guest on Wendy Williams‘s Wendy At Home show where she confessed that she is at home with Adefeso, and she is thinking about marriage and having babies.

The talented artist explained: “I would love to have a family with David, but we gotta put a ring on it first. I can’t have a bunch of baby daddies running around here. That isn’t cute. I already have one.”

She went on to say: “We actually couple quarantine during the day so we don’t get super tired of each other. He’s in his office all day, and I sit in my office on the couch all day.”

Tamar is getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day with her son, Logan Herbert, from her marriage with music manager Vincent Herbert, and she has revealed one annoying thing about the celebration, the early text messages.


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