Sad Prince Charles Splurges And Gets George This Eccentric Gift While Missing Baby Archie As It Is Revealed He Never Wanted Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Leave The Monarchy

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Even though Prince Charles is the apparent heir to the British throne, it seems that the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II still puts his family first and spends time with his grandchildren whenever he can.

Prince Charles became a grandfather through his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, to four grandchildren in total: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

However, ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex relocated to North America with their son, Archie, it appears that the connection between the Prince of Wales and his other grandchildren has only gotten stronger.

Royal author Robert Hardman said this in the Daily Mail: “He [Charles] increasingly consults the Duke of Cambridge in all major family decisions; about his hopes that, while his sons have created new charity networks, one of his grandchildren — maybe George — will one day take on the stewardship of his own.”

Apparently, the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have even come up with a quite loveable nickname for Prince Charles, and they were referring to him as “Grandpa Wales.”

Meanwhile, many noticed that “Grandpa Wales” was quite similar to “Grandpa England” — the nickname, which Queen Elizabeth II used for her grandfather, George V.

Prince Charles has previously spoken about being a grandfather saying: “It’s a different part of your life. The great thing is to encourage them. Show them things to take their interest. My grandmother did that, she was wonderful.”

He has also stressed the importance of encouraging his grandchildren and “showing them things to take their interest” because it was very important to create a bond with the kids while still very young.

However, the Prince of Wales is not the typical grandfather, as it was reported that he had come up with a very unusual gift for his firstborn grandson, Prince George.

Prince Charles has planted numerous trees on a piece of land with the intention to give the forest to Prince George in time.

As for Archie, his parents’ move to America left a big hole for Prince Charles. He was very fond of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, and he had big plans for them in the royal family.

Author Nigel Cawthorne told the Express: “He was delighted with Meghan and, undoubtedly, would have continued to draw the Sussexes in more and more and would have tried to expand their role within the Firm as much as could be expected. Of course, when they decided to emigrate all that had to come to an end as there is no such thing as an absentee HRH.”

Time will tell if Archie will be allowed to get close to his grandfather.


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