This Is The Picture Of Kate Middleton’s Most Embarrassing Fashion Faux Pas — Prince Charles Had To Step In And Help The Duchess Of Cambridge

Kate Middleton's Prince George's Birthday

Even though Kate Middleton is usually known for her impeccable fashion sense, it appears that even the Duchess of Cambridge is not fully protected from an occasional wardrobe malfunction.

Ever since her marriage to Prince William, Catherine’s fashion style has evolved significantly. She relied on advice from numerous people through the years, such as her longtime personal assistant and fashion guide, Natasha Archer, and later through her collaboration with the former Vogue employee, Virginia Chadwyck-Healy.

While the Duchess of Cambridge is now regarded as one of the best-dressed women in the United Kingdom, her fashion journey was not always as smooth as today.

One of the biggest fashion faux pas that Catherine has ever made occurred in 2012 when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were invited to the Solomon Islands for an official state dinner.

Instead of wearing the clothes that she had prepared for the occasion, the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband showed up to the event in an attire that was native to the Cook Islands.

Apparently, the mistake was so embarrassing for the British Royal Family that the Palace quickly issued an apology for the embarrassing situation.

According to the official statement, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were initially assured that the clothes they wore to the event were the correct ones, and they did not learn until it was too late that the attire came from the Cook Islands.

Clarence House said in the statement at the time: “We saw they weren’t the same design of the traditional clothes we were told would be gifted. So we checked with the Solomon Islands government to ensure the right ones were worn. We were reassured the clothes were correct, and so the duke and duchess wore them to the event. It was not learned until later in the evening that the clothes weren’t from the islands.”

Prince Charles’s office went on to say: “But it was understood that the duke and duchess intended to wear traditional Solomon Island clothes and this was appreciated. No offense was caused.”

Kate Middleton Prince William's Embarrassing Outfits

As a result, despite wearing the wrong clothes, the good intentions of the royal couple were appreciated, and they were not blamed for the misunderstanding.

Kate is busy celebrating the seventh birthday of her son, Prince George, today. She has shared two photos taken by her and Prince William in recent months.

The pictures quickly went viral on social media.


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