Charlize Theron’s Children — Jackson And August — Were Flabbergasted When She Made This Incredible Confession To Them

Charlize Theron Does Not Need A Boyfriend, Is Dating Herself

Charlize Theron is single, and her children think she needs a boyfriend as soon as possible. However, when the topic came out recently, the Oscar winner gave them an answer that they were not ready to hear.

44-year-old Theron told them that she is happily dating herself, a possibility that they had not considered. Thursday, The Old Guard actress told Diane Von Furstenberg on the InCharge with DVF podcast: “Two days ago I was in the car with my two girls and my little one said something like ‘You need a boyfriend!'”

Theron, who split from Sean Penn in 2015, continued: “And I said, ‘Actually, I don’t. Right now, I feel really good,’ and she’s like, ‘You know what, mom? You just need a boyfriend; you need a relationship!'”

She also added: “She had this look in her eye like she had never really contemplated that that was even a possibility. Her mind was blown. But, I know that was the day that she realized there’s a different possibility.”

Fans have mixed reactions about the situation; some are dreaming about dating her, while others say they do understand what she is going through.

One of them stated: “I have long assumed that she is more “girls.” Well, or just a very strong woman, it is difficult for men with such people, and such women do not need men.”

A second person added: “It’s hard for beautiful and smart people to find their match.”

A female critic took the conversation in a different direction with: “She needs a boyfriend to stop dressing boys up as girls, switch to relationships, the children understand this.”

The Hollywood sensation had been very open in recent years about her struggle on the dating scene. She even said that she was available.

As a mother of two young adopted African-American girls, she had to deal with different sets of challenges, and she has always been open about them. Moreover, she also revealed that Jackson Theron, 8, is a transgender girl. August Theron is 5.

Theron explained: “The thing that was really eye-opening to me was, my children kind of came to me in this unexpected way, where you know — I didn’t know I was going to be the mom to two African-American girls. I didn’t know I was going to be the mom to an African-American trans girl. All of these things have kind of made me more aware of how little I know. My children have completely reopened my eyes to the world, and I jokingly always say I’m back at university. I’m back having to learn every single day because they challenge me in that way.”

The Hollywood icon’s life has been marked by trauma, and she has used her craft to work on her issues.


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