Cardi B Inadvertently Reveals In This Video That She Had Secret Conversations With Joe Biden

Cardi B Joe Biden President Donald Trump

Cardi B did a series of interviews where she shared her political views while making some interesting revelations from the private conversation that she had with Joe Biden.

The femcee is on a high at the moment — she just had an epic musical comeback with her racy single “WAP” that features Megan Thee Stallion.

While promoting the track on The Breakfast Club, the New York rapper, who not only supported Sen. Bernie Sanders but did a great interview with him, said it hurts that the man she was backing was forced to drop out of the presidential race.

Cardi revealed that she fully supports Biden and unintentionally confessed that she has been talking about his policies, his VP choice, and the voting process during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cardi B, who was supposed to keep it a secret, inadvertently let it slip that she has befriended Biden and added: “I spoke to Joe Biden. I know him. I have been knowing him and everything. I think he’s getting it. I think he understands the people’s pain. He’s getting what we want. People think we want so much, but we want really simple things if you really think about it.”

Cardi B said she told Biden: “I tried to let him know like, ‘listen we don’t no false promises. We don’t want no fake sh*t to get people voting.”

She went on to say that Americans should back Biden. The artist revealed: “Oh now we’re stuck with Joe Biden. Now y’all mad and you know what… I think we should just go with Joe Biden. Like, it is what it is,”

Cardi told Biden that picking a Black vice president is important and added: “[Black women] are out here in our communities, and I feel like that’s what he needs — people need a mama! People need someone to tell them, ‘this ain’t it,’ and [black women] are the ones to tell you that.”

Cardi B also appeared on SiriusXM’s Swaggy Sie, where she lashed out at President Donald Trump for mishandling the epidemic and destroying the economy while at it.

The businesswoman stated: “I feel like it’s important now because like, yo Trump is…I cannot; I’m telling you, if Trump goes for like another four years, I’m going to have a meltdown, Like I will have a mental breakdown. I cannot deal with this anymore…I do be scared of the state of the country…not only do I care about the people, but it’s like I am afraid of the future.”

She added: “I don’t want another war…the economy right now, it sucks, like people are not making money. Some people are getting money, and they are not supposed to be getting money. This coronavirus s–t, I want it to be over, but I don’t want people to lie to me…God forbid that my grandparents, somebody gets sick. I haven’t seen my grandparents in a month, and I’m dying to see them.”

Cardi B also hinted that she has a fascinating interview with Biden in the works.


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