Mother Of Two Shot Dead While Filming Rap Music Video Featuring Fake Blood And Real Gun — Suspect Charged As Community Pushes For Harsh Punishment

Haley Portner Cox Florida Mother Shot Dead Jordan Jaime Silver

Haley Portner Cox, a 23-year-old mother of two, was killed while filming a music video in Florida. Her boyfriend, Erik Bronowski, 22, was also injured in the shocking incident. Jordan Jaime Silver (Jordan Jamie Silver), 20, the alleged killer was arrested and charged with murder.

The community was shocked to learn that a fatal incident related to a rap video had reportedly left one person dead and another in a critical condition, with the exact motives of the killer still not known.

Reports indicate that the man was filming a rap video when he decided to open fire on a couple of people, with witnesses allegedly claiming that the attack was completely unprovoked and appeared very deliberate. Silver allegedly aimed at his first victim, killing her on the spot, before pointing his weapon at the second person.

Bronowski, who received the second shot, was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition, with no details about the possible outlook of his situation at the time.

Many have expressed their outrage over the situation and have called for harsh justice against the perpetrator. Authorities have reassured citizens that they are taking the case as seriously as possible, and have reaffirmed that they are not going to tolerate any incidents of senseless violence in the community.

It is still not clear why the attack was carried out in the first place, and the story is already surrounded by a lot of speculation.

More details will likely come out in the near days as the investigation continues, although it is possible that authorities are going to maintain an air of secrecy around the case until they have the full picture.

The suspected killer has not made any statements so far and is not expected to do so either, according to reports allegedly close to the investigation. However, some of the things that happened were caught on tape.

Cox was holding the camera as part of a staged kidnapping, and a fourth person, Giovinie Bosques, was present. Bosques was reportedly applying fake blood on his body when he heard a single shot, at first.

Based on the affidavit, when Bosques asked Silver why did he shoot the two individuals, he said that he did not know. People are looking for answers and are wondering how could this have happened.

One commenter stated: “Wow that is such a shame her life ended that way this is so shocking it’s very heartbreaking and just hard to believe anyone would just deliberately shoot a young mother of 2 small kids for absolutely no reason at all. He deserves to get life for this type of murder. The death penalty would be letting him off to easily he should be made to suffer…. a crying shame this is! Rest In Peace Haley.”

A second person chimed in: “Damn wtf I literally Do this job. But sometimes I have people with guns around me at shoota. And I got people in my life with licenses. But if I’m I’m outta state I deal with it another way. Either way I’m coming with protection. I always be on point. Cause people like to rob people for thousands in equipment. And I’m not having it. I work to hard. And this ain’t happening to me. I don’t even let niggaz point a loaded gun at my cam. Cause I’m shooting that shit. Take the bullets out or get a prop and don’t have unstable niggaz at video shoots. They outta pocket.”

Bronowski is now doing better and helping with the investigation.


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