Concerned Queen Elizabeth Might Abdicate Soon Out Of Love For This Person

Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip Abdication

Royal insiders reveal that Prince Phillip is preparing himself and his closest ones for the fact that he will not be around forever. Note that the Duke of Edinburgh turned 99 years old in June.

According to a source close to the British royal family, the husband of Queen Elizbeth II did not “have the same energy” to perform his duties.

He has become increasingly aware that he has to be careful with his health — especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Prince Phillip knows that “his days are numbered and is trying to make the most of the time he has left with the queen.” Besides, the 94-year-old Queen is also trying to spend more time with her husband.

Not only has she spent the last couple of months by his side, but she also stepped down from some of her royal engagements in favor of her children.

The monarch is reportedly concerned that her reign is coming to an end, and “she’s planning to pass down the crown to Charles sooner rather than later.”

As a result of her potential abdication, her oldest son Prince Charles will take on her many duties.

His marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles only helped him establish his position and made him more confident for the role of king.

The source shared: “It’s nearing the end of the Queen’s reign and she’s planning to pass down the crown to Prince Charles sooner rather than later. Charles has already taken on many of her duties, and since marrying Camilla Parker Bowles, he has become so much more self-assured. Having a strong woman by his side has helped him to become more confident.”

However, the Queen’s advancing age made her think about the happy memories she had during her life at Balmoral Castle, which is where the monarch usually spends her summer holidays.

The Queen also allegedly expressed regret about being so “harsh” with her late sister, Princess Margaret, who passed away in February 2002 because even though “Margaret was a loose cannon,” “she did make Elizabeth and Philip laugh.”

The source concluded by saying: “The Queen may come across to some as stern, but she has become warmer with age. She and Philip say that the family is their greatest accomplishment.”

By most accounts, if the Queen decides to abdicate, Prince Charles is the first in line to replace her. However, some argue that Prince William is still a possibility.


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