Prince Charles Might Never Be King Charles III Even If Queen Elizabeth Abdicates The Throne

Prince Charles King Queen Elizabeth

There is a big possibility that even though Prince Charles is next in line for the British throne, and when he eventually gets the crown from Queen Elizabeth II, he might also get a new name.

Royal expert and former employee at the Buckingham Palace, Dickie Arbiter, who has also written the book, On Duty with the Queen, has decided to speak on the matter.

Arbiter recently explained that when Charles becomes a monarch, he might not be “King Charles III” but might prefer another name such as George, Arthur, or Philip.

If this happens to be the case, it would not be the first time when a royal changes his or her name upon ascending the throne.

The father of Queen Elizabeth II was named Albert, but when he became king, he had renamed himself, King George VI, whereas King Edward VII was initially named Albert.

According to Arbiter, upon inheriting the throne, Prince Charles would not just hold the King title, but numerous additional ones such as the Duke of Lancaster, Defender of the Faith, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Lord of the Mann, Duke of Normandy, Head of the Commonwealth, and King of other Realms and Territories.

Since keeping royal protocol has always been very important for the members of the British Royal Family, there are many other rules regarding titles that need to be kept.

For example, even though Princess Anne was titled as Princess Royal, this does not mean that Princess Charlotte will receive the same title when Prince William takes the throne after Prince Charles.

Princess Anne only agreed to take the title in 1987 because of her marital problems, and so she could be “styled as HRH The Princess Anne, Mrs. Mark Phillips.”

Meanwhile, the new documentary, The Queen and Charles: Mother and Son, Charles might become king sooner than later because many experts believe that the Queen has abdication plans in motion.

Stephen Greif said: “Some royal experts think that the Queen’s age may eventually force her to step down from her day to day duties as monarch. Charles would become Prince Regent, King in all but name.”

Royal expert Angela Levin added: “If the monarch is incapable of doing her duties, then the heir can take over and do all the duties the monarch can’t do.There were rumors that the Queen might stand down when she’s 95 – but actually, she seems so strong and confident she might just carry on.”

The upcoming years might be very intriguing for fans of the royal family.


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