Scientology President’s Ex-Wife Reveals Some Of Tom Cruise And The Church’s Alleged Forbidden Secrets In Video Backing Leah Remini’s Past Accusations

Tom Cruise Leah Remini Karen De La Carriere Scientology Whistleblower

Many books and documentaries about Tom Cruise‘s ties to the Church of Scientology have been released, and many assumed that all secrets had been revealed.

However, that is far from being the case because former members of the controversial organization step out with new information regarding the action star weekly.

While Leah Remini is one of the most famous ex-Scientologists to expose Cruise, another crusader is determined to reveal all that happens in the church.

Ron Miscavige has a show called Life After Scientology, where he speaks about the church’s ins and outs.

It is worth noting that Ron is the father of David Miscavige, the Church of Scientology’s current leader. Ron was a member for 42 years.

Recently, ex-Scientologist Karen de la Carriere appeared on the show, where she made a series of shocking revelations.

The former wife of Heber Carl Jentzsch, the president of the Church of Scientology International, claimed: “Tom is a corrupt conundrum because there is good and bad in him. I feel he is a damn good actor, and I’m not in the camp where I won’t see a movie of his. He is a good businessman, but he has made some brilliant moves, and then he has made some stupid moves. This is Tom. Unbelievably charismatic and then unbelievably repulsive in shilling for Scientology – no matter how dark, no matter what the reports are. Tom won’t read any of that and is unwilling to look at both sides.”

Believe it or not, Cruise allegedly wanted to become a Catholic priest before joining the Church of Scientology.

She explained: “Remember, Tom wanted to be a priest. He was looking for religious enlightenment. He was looking for spiritual elevation, and she (ex-wife Mimi Rogers) got him into Scientology, and Tom started counseling.”

She went on to say that Cruise’s marriage to Nicole Kidman supposedly failed because of her religion, which she refused to give up and added: “It ended with Mimi after three years, and very soon after his big crush was Nicole Kidman. Her father is a top gun psychologist in Australia, and psychologists in Scientology are considered the enemy. (L. Ron) Hubbard has written endlessly on their evil. So that was a problem from day one.”

She then shared: “No. They tried hard, but she was a devout Catholic. But she did succeed in wooing Tom away from Scientology for years – for eight years he was gone. And it became the number one priority for your son David Miscavige to reel Tom back in by hook or by crook.”

De la Carriere concluded that there are many more forbidden secrets about Cruise that still need to be exposed. She confessed: “There is a lot more on Tom. You forbid me to give out a couple of secrets on what we know.”

Proponents of Scientology say that she is “unstable” and “obsessed” with the organization, but others call her a cult whistleblower.


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