Tom Cruise Son Connor New Business

Tom Cruise’s Son, Connor Cruise, Launches New Instagram Account With Juicy Pictures But Some Critics Say It Is A Slap In The Face Of Working People

Connor Kidman Cruise prefers to keep his life more private than his famous parents. Still, he has recently expanded his social media world to include a new page dedicated to one of... Read more »
Tom Cruise Son Connor Gym Video

Tom Cruise’s Son, Connor Cruise, Shares A Photo Of His Body Transformation Journey After Being Slammed For His Controversial Hobby

Connor Cruise shared a video of himself working out in the gym lifting some very heavyweights with his personal trainer. The 26-year-old son of actors Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise is not... Read more »
Tom Cruise Daughter Bella Posts Rare Selfie

Tom Cruise’s Daughter, Bella Cruise, Debuts New Hair In Gorgeous Photo

Bella Cruise has announced that she has some new prints available on her website, posting a rare selfie of herself to Instagram, where she flaunted a new sexy hairstyle. Tom Cruise and... Read more »
Tom Cruise Son Connor Fishing Trip Costa Rica

Tom Cruise’s Son, Connor Cruise, Is Attacked For Sharing This Photo And He Fights Back

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman‘s son, Connor Cruise, has shared a post on Instagram to mark his birthday following a trip to Costa Rica with his friends. The 26-year-old, who was adopted... Read more »
Leah Remini Tom Cruise Laura Prepon Church Of Scientology Exit Aftermath

Leah Remini Reveals That Tom Cruise Yelled At Her, And Laura Prepon Ran And Hid From Her After She Left The Church Of Scientology

Leah Remini has spoken about her experience in the Church of Scientology, including an incident where she claims Tom Cruise “yelled” at her. Speaking to Louis Theroux on his podcast, Grounded; Remini... Read more »
Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Emilio Vitolo Jr Relationship

Katie Holmes’s New Boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo Jr, Is The Opposite Of Tom Cruise

Fans of Katie Holmes have been closely following her relationship with Emilio Vitolo Jr. It seems like things between the two might be moving too low-profile for most people’s tastes. For several... Read more »
Tom Cruise Mission Impossible New Set After Rant

Tom Cruise Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After Epic Rant And Getting Slammed By Leah Remini

Following a series of disruptions to the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the leaked audio, the bashing from Leah Remini; Tom Cruise has taken matters into his... Read more »
Leah Remini Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Rant Letter Church Of Scientology Response

Leah Remini Is Attacked By The Church Of Scientology For Publishing This Letter About Tom Cruise

Leah Remini went after Tom Cruise, and the Church of Scientology is fighting back in an unprecedented fashion. Recently, Cruise made headlines after a leaked audio hit the Internet where he went... Read more »
Tom Cruise Hayley Atwell Dating Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise Has Reportedly Found Love Again As A Friend Of His Ex-Wife, Katie Holmes, Goes After Him For This Reason

Tom Cruise may be romantically involved with actress Hayley Atwell, who is starring alongside him in the new Mission Impossible 7 movie. The rumors about the romance between the 58-year-actor and his... Read more »
Tom Cruise COVID Rant Yelling Crew Mission Impossible George Clooney

Tom Cruise’s COVID-19 Rant And Yelling In Leaked Audio Lead To Unexpected Consequences

Tom Cruise has been secretly recorded screaming and scolding two members of the Mission: Impossible 7 crew for standing too close to each other while at work. Cruise, 58, who has gained... Read more »
Tom Cruise Kirsten Dunst Famous Christmas Cake

Tom Cruise Has Hollywood A-Listers On Edge Over This Christmas Tradition — Those Photos Prove Exactly Why

Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise seems to be a creature of habit, as he gifts the same cake to some of his celebrity friends each Christmas. Many people delight in the traditional... Read more »
Tom Cruise Bella Kidman London Apartment

Queen Elizabeth Sold An Apartment, And Tom Cruise Wants His Daughter, Bella Kidman Cruise, To Join Him There

Tom Cruise is living his best life in a lavish penthouse, and he wants his oldest daughter, Bella Cruise, to move in with him, and her answer is a bit surprising. While... Read more »