New Book Paints Disheartening Picture Of Prince William And Prince Charles’s Relationship Through The Horrified Eyes Of Camilla Parker Bowles

Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Charles William Temper New Book

A royal insider has revealed that Camilla Parker Bowles has witnessed outbursts and rantings from her stepson that have left her horrified and speechless.

When Camilla wed Prince Charles, she inherited two young boys, an entire royal family, and all the media frenzy that comes with it.

The Duchess of Cornwall later learned that one of Prince Charles’s sons — Prince William — has major temper issues.

Camilla had to accept the tantrums that would cripple her husband. Royal expert Robert Lacey has penned a sensational book called Battle of Brothers, where he explained that Prince William let his anger out in the past on multiple occasions.

William often blew a fuse over the media, and the pressure that comes with being the future King and his wife, Kate Middleton, seems to know how to calm him down. When Kate was not around, it was reportedly hard to control Prince William.

According to Lacey’s book, the Duke of Cambridge left Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, shocked after he lashed out at his father in front of her.

The royal author wrote that William would often obliterate his father, who “meekly submitted.”

The author shared: “Camilla had been horrified by the ranting and raving that William could unleash on occasions against her husband — letting rip with no apparent inhibition in her presence. The rows had been earth-shattering, by her account, with William doing the shouting and Charles submitting meekly. As she’s described these distressing episodes, William would hold nothing back. He could summon up a wrath to match the importance that he attaches to his challenging role as the future King.”

Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla, told her friend this about William, “the boy’s got a temper!”

Lacey revealed that since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the royal family, Prince Charles and William have bonded.

He explained: “It should be stressed that in recent times — and particularly since the adjustments that the Royal Family had to make in 2019 and 2020 in the wake of their disagreements and the departure of Harry — father and elder son have grown much closer together.”

The author went on to reveal: “Prince Charles and Prince William now clearly appreciate the need to work closely together for the future of the monarchy — whether that proves to be a brotherly reconciliation next year or some regulated and agreed form of effectively permanent division. Their father-son spats are said to be episodes in the past.”

In a recent documentary, Prince Charles lovingly spoke about his son. He revealed that he was moved to hear William praise his work.

Charles stated: “I couldn’t believe it. I was deeply touched and moved by what he [William] said. It practically reduced me to tears, it did really because I suddenly thought… well, just hearing that from him has made the last 50 years worthwhile. I want to be able to potter around, you know on a stick, in my dotage, saying gosh look at this, you know.”

Many people always thought Harry was the wild one.


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