George Clooney And His Wife, Amal, Address Embarrassing Rumor About Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

Amal George Clooney Prince Harry Meghan Markle Wedding Rumor

It was revealed that George Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney, dropped a bombshell confession about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The two couples are rumored to be very close. The royal duo has vacationed at the Clooneys’s Italian villa.

While the Hollywood actor and attorney were present for Duke and Duchess of Sussex‘s big royal wedding, according to British journalist and television presenter Rachel Johnson, George and his spouse let it slip during the lavish ceremony that they did not know Harry and Meghan.

Johnson shared the juicy story: “There’s a story doing the rounds that while Carolyn Bartholomew, Diana’s former flatmate, was waiting for the wedding service to start, she turned to the couple alongside her and asked how they knew Harry or Meghan. “We don’t,” the Clooneys answered brightly.”

Johnson claimed that the Clooneys made the embarrassing comment to Prince Harry’s godmother, Carolyn Bartholomew.

Johnson also stated that she doubts that Oprah Winfrey, David, and Victoria Beckham “could possibly be old and dear friends of the bridal couple.”

There is another rumor circulating, claiming that George danced with both Meghan and Kate Middleton at the wedding reception.

Many found the reports odd because the book Finding Freedom revealed that the Clooneys hosted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at their London mansion on multiple occasions.

The biography also contains a passage detailing the splendid vacation that Meghan and Prince Harry spent with the Clooneys at Lake Como after their wedding.

The book revealed: “Meghan and Amal spent a lot of time relaxing by the pool and playing with the twins while George and Harry checked out George’s motorbike collection. Harry took one of them out with one of his protection officers. George recently had an accident, so he wasn’t back on his bike yet. The duke and duchess weren’t the only guests that weekend. Eugenie and her fiance, Jack Brooksbank, were already at the villa when Harry and Meghan arrived, their visits overlapping briefly.”

A rep for George and Amal denied that the power couple made the embarrassing comment at the wedding.

The filmmaker and Amal appeared on Access Hollywood, where they played a game of True or False to answer some questions about the wedding.

George confirmed that Idris Elba was the DJ with Amal adding, “he was very good.” The star stated: “There was no beer pong.”

He said he did not dance with the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton nor with the former actress. Asked how did he know the couple, George claimed: “I can’t tell you that…I am not allowed to.”

Some experts say that the Clooneys might have been joking all along, or not.


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