Hillary Clinton Shades Melania Trump With Classy Photos For Not Meeting Dr. Jill Biden

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First lady Melania Trump has decided to follow in her husband’s footsteps and pretend as if Joe Biden was not declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Thus far, the former model has ignored the protocols of reaching out to the incoming First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, and Hillary Clinton has discreetly stepped into the messy situation.

Like President Donald Trump, Melania has taken to social to make false claims about voter fraud.

According to the unwritten tradition that has been respected by numerous first ladies, including Clinton, Michelle Obama, Barbara, Laura Bush, and Rosalynn Carter, the women sit down for tea and provide a tour of the East Wing and the Executive Residence.

A source spoke to CNN explaining that Melania will never acknowledge First Lady-elect Biden until President Trump accepts his new reality, concedes, and reaches out to the new Democratic President’s transition team.

The mother of one is like the rest of the White House staffers. They are reportedly walking on eggshells not to trigger the President.

A source familiar with the situation told CNN that Melania is focused on the various meetings scheduled before the election and decorating the White House for Christmas.

The anonymous source told the media outlet: “I’m not sure it’s fair for anyone to expect them to start transitioning when the President has not yet conceded. It’s my understanding that it’s business as usual in the East Wing.”

The insider went on to say that when Trump speaks to the United States President-elect Joe Biden, Melania will be gracious and call the English professor.

The source also revealed: “If the President concedes, I’m sure the East Wing will be gracious and professional to the incoming administration. That’s just how they work.”

The former secretary of state took to Instagram to drop a subtle hint for Melania and her team. Clinton posted a few pictures where she is getting a loving hug from late former first lady Barbara Bush who welcomed her after husband Bill Clinton won the election.

In the second photo, the first woman to be nominated for President of the United States by a major political party is seen holding hands with then-incoming first lady Laura Bush after George W. Bush was elected to the White House.

“Barbara welcoming me, November 1992; me welcoming Laura, December 2000,⁣” Clinton captioned the post.

Many social media enthusiasts applauded Clinton and said the gestures between the first ladies were classy, genuine, and presentential and hope that Melania will do the same.

Capricia Penavic Marshall, who as Clinton’s assistant when she was the first lady, weighed in on the unprecedented situation by saying: “This transition is going to be a daunting task, even though Dr. Biden is familiar with the White House and extremely capable. By now, there would have been at least a conveyance of notes between the current East Wing and the first lady-elect’s team, to talk about dates and schedules and what needs begin to take place. There is a timeline to all of this, and what’s happening now is just going to jam it up.”

President Donald Trump He Won Joe Biden

The Trumps have changed political norms. Some are hoping that after President Trump’s “HE WON” tweet Sunday morning, which is the closest thing to a concession, Melania will reach out to Jill.

This is uncertain because Mr. Trump claimed he is the winner of the election minutes later.


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