Melania Trump Might Have A Sweet Surprise For President Donald Trump After His Epic Election Loss

President Donald Trump First Lady Melania Michael Cohen

Many have speculated that the marriage between Donald Trump and Melania Trump was not based on love.

Those critics and former family friends claim that the relationship is instead a business arrangement with no emotional affection between them.

Despite the rumors, it appears that the First Lady is determined to stand by her husband’s side even after he is no longer the President of the United States.

After Trump’s loss of the 2020 presidential election, theories started circulating that Melania would soon seek a divorce, and social media was flooded with suggestions about her next move.

According to some rumors, Melania wanted to file for divorce because she did not have any affection for Trump.

It was claimed that the widely circulated reports of infidelity, such as the cheating scandal involving Stormy Daniels, did not help in mending their relationship.

However, sources close to the couple are now convinced that the 50-year-old former model would rather stay with her husband despite everything because the relationship offered her financial security.

According to Michael Cohen, Trump’s ex-lawyer and former vice-president of the Trump Organization, Melania would not leave her partner because “she’s very willingly complicit in his schemes and holds his beliefs as her own.”

Cohen also stated that Trump and his wife were perfect for each other as they got along perfectly well. He explained: “I don’t think Melania leaves Donald. She’s very willingly complicit in his schemes and holds his beliefs as her own. Those two deserve each other.”

One of Melania’s former friends, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, even claimed that the President and his spouse were “remarkably in sync” and explained that their clashing personalities were the reason why their relationship was so successful: “She’s always been the quiet. He’s been the loud. She’s been the soft. He’s been the hard. They play off one another”.

Mary Jordan, who penned the recent biography of the first lady, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump revealed why the former model is standing by the President’s side: “Some anti-Trumpers wouldn’t mind seeing him humiliated by his beautiful, younger wife leaving him, especially when he’s already down. Maybe Melania is similar to America: A big part of her admires Donald Trump, even if another part of her is appalled by him.”

Some observers argue that Melania has a lot of useful cards to play, especially if Trump intends to run again in 2024.


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