Shania Twain Takes Fans Down Memory Lane With Sensual Photos As She Opens Up About The Painful Parts Of Life

Shania Twain New Album Old Photos

Country and pop singer Shania Twain recently surprised her fans with a sweet reminder on social media that her hit album Up! is now 18 years old.

The hitmaker established herself as a renowned musician during the last two decades and is still one of the most beloved singers.

In honor of the album’s anniversary, Twain shared two photographs from the time the successful project hit the stores.

In the first photograph, the brunette diva looked terrific in a simple white top that was artistically ripped with small holes on her stomach.

The skin-revealing top was combined with a light beige skirt that highlighted the singer’s slim and toned figure, and her hair was styled in beautiful curls.

For the occasion, Twain struck a seductive pose while smiling charmingly to the camera and brushing her hair with her hands.

The second image featured the full list of the album’s tracks and the singer in the same attire. In the snap, the “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” performer had her left hand on her flat stomach and is again smiling happily with her eyes closed.

Twain captioned her post with “Happy Birthday Up! 18 years of going up up up!” and asked her fans to name their favorite songs from the album.

However, that proved to be a difficult question for a lot of people, as many admirers of the singer stated that they could not pick just one song since all of the tracks were great.

One excited fan exclaimed, “I owe Up! a lot. It was my twin sister & I’s very first concert when we were 10-years-old. The album stayed permanently in our CD player until the release of your Greatest Hits album. Thank you for the memories, then and now!”.

In a recent interview with The Independent, the award-winning artist opened up about her impressive career, personal life, and being in lockdown.

When she burst into the Nashville scene 25 years ago, Twain gave the conservatives and country-loving folks a lot to talk about — her passion for leopard print and her decision to show off her fabulous body rattled many feathers.

She explained: “I would be hated by the men because I was too opinionated and too forceful and demanding, and I would be hated by the women because I was being sensually expressive. And I thought, well, I don’t believe that’ll be the case.”

She added: “And as far as the men went, I was doing it all with a sense of humor… not in an aggressive way. I didn’t see it the same way the industry saw it.”

Like millions of people, Twain has been in lockdown, and her big projects — Heart of Texas show and a Las Vegas residency — were put on pause.

While in quarantine, Twain started writing songs about her life, including her tough childhood — being raised by an alcoholic mother and getting abused by her stepfather.

Twain’s career took a detour when her parents were killed in a car crash, and at the age of 22, she had to go back to Canada to care for her four siblings.

She confessed: “I had a lot of responsibility. I had to grow up fast.” She went on to share: “I’ve never been reflective like that before. It feels good. “real feel-good, singalong vibe to it. It’s a very emotional experience. I often start in a melancholy place, and then I spin it around and turn it into a happy song.”

The legendary talent still seems to have a lot to say.


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