Elizabeth Orban Faces Backlash Over Viral Video After Her Family Was Kicked Off United Airlines Flight Because 2-Year-Old Daughter Refused To Wear Mask

Elizabeth Orban Daughter Edeline Husband Erhard United Airlines Flight

Elizabeth Orban has revealed that her family was kicked off a United Airlines flight after her two-year-old daughter, Edeline, would not wear a face mask.

The Orban family was ready for their trip to New Jersey to see friends and family after years of separation, but things did not go as planned once they boarded the plane.

Despite the World Health Organization advising against requiring children aged five and under to wear face masks, United Airlines’ policy states otherwise.

Children from the age of two are required to wear face masks on board or risk being kicked off the plane — as was the case for the Orbans.

Eliz Fulop Orban took to Instagram and appeared on Fox News after the incident to express her frustration and confusion over what had happened.

After boarding, her husband, Erhard Orban, had failed repeatedly to coax the young child into covering her face with a mask provided by the cabin crew, prompting airline staff to ask the family to pick up their bags and leave the plane if their daughter would not comply with the rules.

In the Instagram video, the bodybuilder and fitness expert recalls what happened on the plane and says it is the first time there has been a problem with her two-year-old daughter not wearing a face mask, after traveling by plane on four other occasions during the pandemic without encountering any issues.

She stated: “We were very excited about this weekend trip to jersey/NYC. ⁣We are premier silver members at United, so we always fly with them. In fact, we had flown with Edeline 4 times already since the pandemic, without ever having an issue. ⁣

Today, we were asked to leave the plane after it had rolled out, and they had to bring it back to the gate, because our 2-year-old daughter would not “comply” and keep her mask on. ⁣She will be 3 in April of 2021 for all that will have to ask. ⁣

And what blows my mind, even more is that the WHO recommends against face masks for kids under the age of 5. AGAINST.”

The parents desperately tried to convince the United Airlines cabin crew that they could not physically force their daughter — who was crying — to put on a mask.

The Colorado family left the plane after realizing airline staff would not back down on the policy… and their daughter was not prepared to cover her face.

Eliz Orban shared with her Instagram followers how confusing and “traumatizing” the event was, with the family now stuck at home in Denver after their trip went horribly wrong.

United Airlines have refunded the family for their tickets and sent their bags home. The Orban has received major support and criticism after the video of the incident went viral.

A critic said: “Typical entitled couple – looking to get a payday from united like they tried with Disney – shame on you for flying 4 times during a global pandemic – maybe teach your child if you tell her to do something she should do it – she probably grow up to be an entitled little princess like mummy!”

While a supporter shared: “Your daughter is a beacon to the world for FREEDOM, the right to Breathe Oxygen. Thanking your daughter, the Children are AWAKE. Blessings.”

The backlash has forced Orban to delete her Instagram pages.


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