Sasha Obama’s Latest ‘Pictures’ Spark Arguments On Social Media

Sasha Obama Michelle And Barack Daughter Photo

There are several so-called pictures of Sasha Obama, which have surfaced on social media and have led to a heated argument.

In a picture, a young woman flashes her toned stomach while taking a mirror selfie. The teenager is wearing a necklace and has very long nails — things that Sasha has become known for.

Another snap of a young woman, who seems to be attending a pool party, left social media divided in two, as some have claimed that the female is Barack Obama‘s youngest child, while many others insisted that this is not true.

In the controversial photo, a young female can be seen posing for the camera in a white crop top combined with bright pink bikini bottom and a white beach wrap skirt tied around her waist.

The outfit of the girl in question was complemented with numerous accessories, such as multiple rings, necklaces, and a set of oversized hoop earrings.

After the picture was leaked on Twitter and Instagram, a lot of people stated that this must be the 19-year-old daughter of the former president because the young lady and the former first daughter shared the same features and had a similar nose, lips, and tattoos.

The snap was then posted by numerous Twitter users, such as MEFeater Magazine, who also shared the picture with the message “Sasha Obama is GIVING honey!”.

However, even though thousands have claimed that this must be Sasha because she was seen wearing similar jewelry on her TikTok videos, others were not so easily convinced and jumped to the defense of Michelle Obama‘s daughter.

One user grudgingly commented, “A whole magazine fails to double-check before publishing. It should be sued. Yeh, but Sasha’s cheekbones, a dimple on the right cheek, and hair part is above right eyebrow, plus no president’s daughter can convincingly make a IDGAF face.”

British comedian and TV personality Jameela Jamil defended the college student. The activist wrote: “Oh shut up about Sasha Obama; she’s young, free, and harming nobody. Stop acting like it’s the President of The United States doing this. Which even if they did, it would still hurt nobody. She looks happy, and she deserves to grow up expressing herself and having fun.”

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris‘s niece, Meena Harris, also shared her thoughts on the viral photos that have the fans talking.

The lawyer tweeted: “Keep Sasha Obama’s name out of your damn mouth.”

The youngest daughter of Michelle and Barack is currently enrolled at the University of Michigan but is continuing with her courses along with her sister, Malia Obama, from home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis.


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