Meghan Markle Is Shamed Over Her Appearance In This Video

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A recent video of Meghan Markle paying tribute to those helping others during the coronavirus pandemic has attracted many questions about whether she still holds a royal title.

After announcing last January they would be stepping down from their positions as senior members of the British Royal Family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to California, where they now live with their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Throughout the year, the couple has made several appearances, including video calls — supporting a range of charities and causes close to their hearts.

The latest video from Meghan was shared on Twitter by CNN Heroes on December 13. In the video, Meghan pays tribute to the “quiet heroes” who have been working through the COVID-19 pandemic to help those who have been impacted most.

She highlighted the poverty and food insecurity experienced by many communities this year and praises those who stood up and took action to help those around them.

However, her important message — thought to have been filmed on the grounds of the couple’s Montecito home in California — was overlooked by many social media users after CNN Heroes introduced her in their post as “the Duchess of Sussex.”

Confusion arose about whether Meghan was still, in fact, a duchess after stepping down as a senior royal earlier this year.

Viewers criticized her for seeking publicity and accused her of carrying out more public appearances now than when she was part of the royal family. Others bashed her for her physical appearance.

A critic stated: “She looks whiter here. She’s wearing a blouse that reminds, of Duchess Catherine. The background looks like a British garden, and her speech reminds the Queen’s words “we’ll meet again, “… 🤔🤔 she definitely has something in mind.”

This person shamed the mother of one with this remark: “She’s invested in a new bra I see very push up, and I guess she thinks the blouse (is it) gives a certain gravitas.”

Another commenter chimed in and had this to say: “Not to mention she AGAIN managed to look like she just crawled out of bed, took some shirt that she thought would make her look classy, put her hair in a bun, and then dragged out two strands at the front to make it look more casual. I never understood why she doesn’t put more effort into her presentation.”

Note that when Prince Harry and Meghan left the royal family, an agreement with the Queen meant they could retain their HRH titles, but they could not use them for work purposes.

In spring 2021, the Queen will review the arrangement currently in place with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with some royal experts speculating that their titles could finally be removed entirely.


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