Bernice Burgos Is Hurt After Getting Dumped By T.I. – She Now Wants Chris Brown

Bernice Burgos Tameka 'Tiny' Harris T.I. Love Triangle

Bernice Burgos is said to be furious after discovering that T.I. lied to her about Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

For the past months, Burgos has been floating on air living a fairy tale with the “Live Your Life” rapper.

He was showering her and her two daughters with lavish gifts such as clothes, jewelry, VIP concert tickets, and exotic trips.

The Instagram model thought she found Mr. Right and was already planning her dream wedding.

However, all of that came to a crashing end the day rumors starting circulating claiming that Tiny was pregnant with T.I.’s seventh child.

A close source to Burgos said she is furious and added: “Bernice had no idea T.I. was still seeing Tiny the way he is. He totally lied to her, and she is not taking it well. Bernice feels like he‘s been playing her and it really hit a nerve.”

The spy added: “Bernice knows she deserves to be treated better than this and she is ready to find a new man.”

At the moment, Burgos is hoping to land a date with Chris Brown because he finds him cute despite the 2009 Rihanna incident.

The friend said Burgos works out three times a day and can defend herself against Brown if he tries anything funny.

Additionally, she wants to make T.I. jealous by going out with a younger and hotter version of himself. Ouch, that one must hurt.

Earlier this week, Tiny killed Burgos’ hopes of becoming the next Mrs. Harris by saying she is back with T.I. and they are working things out.

Tiny said: “We are back talking now and that was really a mistake, I do not know how that started happening.He always does that; he finds a way to get a call, and then we start talking again.”

Fans are thrilled the estranged couple has patched things up.


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