Airport Guard Gets Fired For Insulting Passenger With ‘You Ugly’ Mean Note In Video For No Apparent Reason

Neal Strassner New York Airport

A strange incident has recently forced the TSA to let go of one of their staff members, an airport guard who had reportedly acted very inappropriately towards a random passenger for no apparent reason at all.

The woman handed a passenger at Rochester International Airport in New York a note that read “You ugly!!!”.

The man, 40-year-old Neal Strassner, was shocked by the incident when he discovered what the note said, although he did not pay attention to it at first.

He initially thought that the note was a piece of trash that he was supposed to throw away, although when the TSA agent asked him multiple times if he was going to open it, he decided to take a look.

Strassner told the New York Post: “I didn’t open it because I didn’t care about it. She turned around a few times asking, ‘Are you going to open that?’”

He continued with: “I travel constantly, and I’ve never had anything like this happen. I don’t like throwing negativity around. What about a note that says, ‘Hey, next time bring me tacos’?”

Security footage reportedly shows the woman laughing hard over the situation, after which she started filling out what appeared to be another note for her next potential victim.

The man explained that this was the first time he had encountered something like that, despite being a frequent traveler.

Strassner added that he was not a negative person and did not understand why someone would want to attack him for no reason. However, he seemed like a good sport and joked about the situation while being interviewed.

The woman, a contractor for security company VMD Corp in Virginia — who has since been fired from her position — has not offered any comments about her side of the story.

The TSA has issued a public statement pointing out that the agency has strict standards for the behavior of their employees, and incidents like this one were not tolerable. They added that they were as confused about the situation as everyone else.

The statement concerning the June 2019 incident read: “TSA holds contractors to the highest ethical standards and has zero-tolerance for this type of behavior. This instance, which involved a contract employee, was investigated immediately upon receiving the complaint by the traveler. The contractor has since terminated the employee.”

People on social media were left without words after the video had gone viral.

One commenter stated: “Yeah, fire her. That’s unprofessional and rude. She had gotten too comfortable in her job. Time to go.”

A second person added: “It was inappropriate, period. Just focus. On making sure the area is secure. Anything else is just dangerous.”

Another critic chimed in with: “What if she made him so mad that he set it off in there. She could have jeopardized others if it had went left.”

VMD Corp. called Strassner and offered a heartfelt apology.


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