Alexander Wang Is Accused Of Being A Sexual Predator — Fashion Designer’s Reaction To The Scandal Is Baffling

Alexander Wang Accused Of Sexual Assaults

New York fashion designer Alexander Wang has been accused of sexual harassment by at least eight anonymous victims.

Alexander Wang and representatives of the fashion designer have refused to comment when contacted by multiple reporters.

Many are baffled by his reaction to the news and are calling for the brand to be boycotted. The first allegation came from model Owen Mooney on TikTok in 2017, although at the time, he did not disclose Alexander Wang as the alleged perpetrator.

Mooney claimed he had been groped at a club by a “really famous fashion designer” in the video. He said that he could not believe what had happened, and later disclosed that the fashion designer in question was Wang.

An Instagram account @ShitModelMgmt was the first to name Alexander Wang as a suspected sexual predator to more than 220,000 followers.

In a post from December 28, the watchdog claimed Wang had been accused of sexually harassing and drugging models — mainly male and trans models. “It’s time to do something about it,” the post read, describing Alexander Wang as a “sexual predator.”

@ShitModelMgmt also called on their followers to boycott Wang’s clothing lines and remove his content from their social media in a show of support for the alleged victims of sexual harassment.

The account, which states it is run by a model “exposing the truth,” shared several screenshots of messages about Alexander Wang, including one from somebody claiming he had raped their friend.

The Model Alliance also posted a message of support to the alleged victims of Wang and slamming the fashion industry’s “lack of…accountability,” which puts models at risk of sexual abuse.

Last year, rapper Azealia Banks shared a screenshot of a direct message which claimed Alexander Wang sexually assaulted trans women. The post said that Wang needed to be “brought down.”

Three of the anonymous people, who shared stories with @ShitModelMgmt, told of similar incidents — Wang had allegedly offered them water which had in fact been spiked with MDMA.

Attorney Harley Lewin, who worked with Wang in the past, weighed in on the matter by saying: “I have been on both sides of these situations. There are compelling reasons why one treats any allegation of misconduct with respect and with credence and credibility. People have to come forward and perhaps expose themselves to ridicule or other equally nasty things that happen to people on the Internet. The other side to it is there is often a level of innocence or stupidity, frankly. Old-school people are acting old-school, not being sensitive without the intent, but nonetheless stepping out of line.”

Observers say that Wang might be stalling things, hoping the scandal will go away.


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