Georgia Steel Is Shamed Over Her Scandalous Photos — ‘Love Island’ Star Removed Her Bikini Top While In Dubai With Friend Joanna Chimonides

Georgia Steel Love Island Star Dubai Friend Joanna Chimonides Photos

Love Island personality Georgia Steel has posted images of her current trip to Dubai on Instagram this week.

In the Instagram post shared on Monday afternoon, Steele uploaded three new images showing off her toned figure as she posed in the crystal clear waters of Dubai during a trip with her pal, Joanna Chimonides, who also starred on Love Island in 2019.

22-year-old Steel posed for her 1.6 million social media followers in a soaking wet white T-shirt and a pair of blue-grey bikini bottoms and gold hoop earrings.

It looked like she had just been in the water as she used her hands to sweep her long hair back. In another photo, she turned her back to the camera as her wet hair fell around her, and she looked out towards the ocean.

The post was captioned, “We be drippin’,” and she tagged the company she is supposedly working with on a recent project.

Despite coronavirus travel restrictions in the UK, Georgia Steel joins many other celebrities traveling to Dubai in recent months.

A travel corridor between the United Arab Emirates and the UK, which was in place until earlier this month, meant travelers did not have to isolate themselves on arrival or return.

Georgia Steel was shamed for her trip during the pandemic. An English nurse made this comment: “I wish I could jet off with no cares about this pandemic, worked right through as a nurse, and had 3 holidays canceled!!!!!”

Another British citizen, who was forced to cancel her honeymoon, revealed: “Tell me about it, I’ve had my wedding n honeymoon canceled 4 times, out of work for 5 months couldn’t get no furlough or grant, these selfish, ignorant talentless bimbos aren’t helping, all constantly posting every day about the wonderful time they’re having sunbathing, eating in fancy restaurants n bars, while we are all suffering at home with this lockdown not allowed to go out, no bars or restaurants for us, they are pissing a lot of ppl off now and the public will turn against these selfish lot.”

The English television personality claims the trip had been planned for a “long time,” and she was “thankful” she was still able to travel given the coronavirus restrictions. She said she “thanks the universe” every day for the opportunities she has.

And on her Instagram story during her second trip in the Maldives, Steel has shared photos of the beaches, and sunny scenery for her followers stuck in quarantine.

In one picture, she and her travel partner, Chimonides, are seen standing on a balcony facing their beautiful ocean view, raising a toast, and wearing nothing but towels as they put their arms around each other.


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