Brittany Galvin Shares Instagram Post Addressing Anna Redman’s Accusation That She Is An Escort — ‘The Bachelor’ Fans React Angrily

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Anna Redman has accused Brittany Galvin — one of the newest additions on The Bachelor — of being an escort in this week’s episode, which saw the women compete for the attention of eligible bachelor Matt James.

Brittany is a model from Chicago and one of five women who joined the most recent episode of the show to win the coveted rose.

The 23-year-old sparked controversy among the other women, particularly those who had been on the show longer, when she kissed Matt almost immediately after arriving.

Her bold move had already shocked 27-year-old Victoria Larson, who made her view clear that Brittany was “not welcome.” Brittany later interrupted Anna Redman, who was spending time along with Matt during a group date.

After being interrupted by the new girl, Anna took Victoria to one side to speak with Brittany, claiming that people had “gone out of their way” to warn her.

When Victoria asked for more details, Anna alleged that Brittany had been “entertaining men for money” back in Chicago and must be an escort since she knew “all the rich men.”

Anna explained: “There is a rumor because she knows all the rich men in Chicago that Brittany may be an escort. She may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy women.”

Victoria told Anna: “I can see her playing Matt if that’s what she’s used to doing with men to get what she wants.”

When Matt later chose 24-year-old Bri Springs from Texas, Anna believed Brittany played a role in jeopardizing her chances.

Brittany and Anna were filmed having a conversation afterward, where Anna told Brittany she wanted to know her intentions and heard that she is an escort, so she wanted to allow her the chance to speak about it.

Another contestant, Katie Thurston, recognized the damage the rumors could cause and approached Matt to implore him to do something about the bullying taking place in the house.

She told Matt that the rumors — which Brittany had previously described as “emotionally…very hard” — could “ruin” the lives of women on the show, prompting Matt to vow he would get involved to stop them.

Brittany responded to the wild allegations by saying: “No, I’m not an escort. Like, it’s just so ridiculous to even say that, to have that come out of my mouth.”

She also spoke on the situation via Instagram: “‘m so grateful for all the love and support I have received. This is how we need to be toward one another! Last year was challenging for a lot of us, but we adapted and learned the importance of checking in on the people around us. Let’s leave all the hate and negativity behind and keep spreading love and compassion. Putting down other women is not okay. People make mistakes, and I would never want anyone to feel the way I felt. So I encourage everyone to be kind toward one another.❤️

A fan reached out to the reality star with this message: “I thought it was really unfair for some of the other girls to call you disrespectful when you were just making the best of a great opportunity – they would have done the same thing in your position! I think you handled it very well, and I hope you were able to enjoy the journey eventually!”

Some supporters are adamant that kindness won at the end.


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